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  1. Highlight's from tonight's stream of Mass Effect 2, I'll be back at it tomorrow night at 7 PM EST over at http://twitch.tv/fredcasden




  2. Tonight it's back to Mass Effect 2 at 7 PM EST over at http://twitch.tv/fredcasden

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  3. Tonight's highlights:


  4. Some highlights from tonight's stream -


  5. It'll be more fun with Commander Shepard and company with Mass Effect 2 tonight at 7 PM EST over a http://twitch.tv/fredcasden


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  6. Tuesday's night #Twitch broadcast saw things open up with Arrival followed by taking care of various side and Loyalty missions. 


  7. Tonight's stream at 7 PM EST will be Mass Effect 2 over at twitch.tv/fredcasden

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  8. Monday night saw Jack and Grunt joining the crew of the Normandy SR-2 plus dealing with the Collectors on Horizon. Here are some Highlights  -


  9. Tonight it'll be back to Mass Effect 2, think I'll pick up Jack first and then Grunt.... or maybe Grunt first and then Jack... GAH! Decisions have to be made! Stream starts at 7 PM EST at http://twitch.tv/fredcasden


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  10. Lot of fun on Sunday Night, starting off with Smite and then on a whim switching over to Overwatch and having a lot of success in ranked matches  -


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  11. Now going live for a super chill sunday... http://twitch.tv/fredcasden


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  12. Tonight's stream (Starting at 7 PM EST) will focus on some multiplayer games, for sure will be starting off with Smite

  13. Saturday night saw more bouncing around the Galaxy with Shepard and company, taking care of two loyalty quests and eventually picking up a Turian...  here is the summary version:


  14. Now live with Mass Effect 2... twitch.tv/fredcasden

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  15. Tonight's broadcast at  7 PM EST will be more Mass Effect 2, picking up Archangel on Omega and probably bouncing around the galaxy looking for side missions and such

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