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  1. Well it's been way too long since I last came and poked around here on CGN. I hope everyone is doing well!giphy.gif

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    1. Ikacake


      yup doing well! Hbu?

    2. zheck


      Doing great.

    3. Legit_Dinosaur


      Being fantastic! forever growing so dreams come true! 

  2. Wussup Dude.


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    1. TheBearGrimz


      yo dude, just getting familiar with this stuff here

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  3. Wussup homie. Welcome to CGN!

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  4. Time to pick South Park back up before fighting off more zombie hordes on The Thing! https://mixer.com/FoxyG


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  5. Starting w/ some PUBG then onto Empyrion with Crew! https://mixer.com/FoxyG


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  6. Gonna have a late night sk8 session on the Thing! https://mixer.com/FoxyG


  7. About to go live with some Empyrion Galactic Survival, then we're going on down to Southpark. Come join The Thing! https://mixer.com/FoxyG 


  8. You ain't gotta be quiet, but we are hunting Rabbids! Playing some Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle on the Thing. https://mixer.com/FoxyG

  9. My homeboi @DePemy was nominated for Gamer of the Week! Hook him up with a vote. He's a great guy to have around. 


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    1. DePemy


      YE boiiiiii! Thank you brothermain <3

    2. FoxyG


      You deserve it brotha

  10. , ProfessorXiAN bfef946a3d9d61128c137fa3929c711f

    Live with some ARK! #raidfriendly #roadto300 Come enjoy some gameplay! https://mixer.com/professorxian

  11. Well hey there good buddy.

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  12. Oh hai buddy.

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    1. ThexHandsomexChef


      Hey dude, found this link on your stream page and wanted to see what it is all about. 

    2. FoxyG


      Oh nice! Tis a great place, fun community. and they sell games on the cheap here.

    3. zheck


      Indeed we do :D 

  13. , Aceofpwnage 2cc2465823ea6aed966e7f77bc06e410

    Live at 7pm EST! Playing some PUBG and probably crewing it up with some CG people a little later! come hangout and maybe enjoy some chicken <3 

    Mixer @ Aceofpwnage

  14. Hey there big boy.

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