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How to install norton antivirus in ac and iOS?

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Windows and Mac OS X Installation

* Begin by looking for the "Setup" file you downloaded on your computer. It might be in the "Downloads" folder or in your system's default download location. Then double-click it to launch the Norton.com/setup Installer.
* To allow installation, click "Yes" in the "User Account Control" window that appears. The “License Agreement” link appears in the following window. As a result, click on it and read the terms carefully.
* At the end click on the Install option.
* Following that, Mac users must correctly input their "Mac Username and Password" and then click "Install Software."
* As a result, the "Installation" procedure will begin.
* To quit “norton.com/setup,” click “Close” after the procedure is complete.
* Restart your computer at the end.

Android and iOS Installation

* First, open the “Google Play Store” or the “Apple Store” on your Android or iOS device.
* Now, look for your just purchased item and tap on it.
* Then, to begin the installation procedure, tap on "Install" or "Get."
* Android users will then see a pop-up box. As a result, press "Accept."
* After that, simply wait for the “norton.com/setup” procedure to finish.
* When the procedure is finished, hit "Open."
* Then, one by one, touch on the buttons for "License Agreement," "Terms of Use," and "Privacy Policy." Then carefully read the terms.
* After that, hit "Continue." After that, go to your Norton Sign in or Login Account"

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