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В 5/27/2021 в 4:19 PM, CharlieWex сказал:

I want to buy a new television at home. But I can only do it on credit. What is the best bank to go to?

I kept asking myself the question. Should I take a loan from a bank? After studying the whole market, I realized that the ratio of my Pakistani rupee to the dollar was quite high. After researching this information using the pkr to usd website. I realized that it would not be profitable for me to take a loan from a bank. It is better to take a microloan for the amount you need.

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It is better to take an installment loan at 0% so that you don't overpay. If you can't find an installment plan, there are online banks that give loans with favorable terms. When I wanted to buy a house, I first wanted to take it from a bank, but because of the high interest rates I didn't want to take it, because I overpaid a lot. But on yhdistalaina.com there are quite good offers with a very low interest rate for a loan of up to 70000 euros. Their interest rate is 4.19%. In the end, I was able to pay off the loan, managed in a year and now I have my own house, but I'm thinking about buying a car some more.

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