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The Epic Games trial reveals Apple's talks with Netflix, Facebook and Microsoft.


Apple and Epic Games have faced some of the most watched antitrust trials in the tech industry in years.Epic Games is bringing out the slot xo cases this week, and Apple will be showing them in the coming weeks. Ultimately, Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers will decide whether Apple must allow Epic to install its own app store on the iPhone and avoid Apple's 30% App Store fee.Based on Epic's argument that Apple's App Store is against competition, the ruling has revealed many of Apple's internal hearings about the negotiations - court exhibits, including email threads filling out 60 worth of documents along with par. Some of the most important partners This document draws a portrait of a company recognizing the highest-grossing and most important apps that are regularly involved in negotiations with companies such as Netflix, Microsoft, Facebook and even Epic Games, of which Fortnite is one of the apps. The top of the Apple App Store.The email did not show, though, that the App Store team compromised on Apple's rules about what is allowed in stores. Instead, they have offered other concessions, including homepage placement on the App Store,


coordination and publicity through Apple product launches, access to exclusive programming. Features and attempts to iterate over top management to find a compromise.Apple offers a compromise with Netflix.In February 2018, an Apple manager met with an employee at Netflix and wrote an email to a colleague to conclude the meeting.He wrote that video streamers were concerned about “voluntary termination,” or the number of Apple paying Netflix members who decided to stop their subscriptions. So, he said, Netflix wants to test it out in a few smaller markets to see what happens if it stops accepting in-app purchases, where Apple takes 15% to 30% off.Apple's manager wrote that Netflix's planned testing raised questions for Apple, including whether it would take "punitive measures" such as halt Netflix promotion on the App Store or raising concerns to Netflix executives.The email sparked a scramble between Apple's managers at the time, Netflix was one of the highest grossing apps in Apple's App store.


Pete Distad, Apple's VP of focus on Apple's streaming business, sent an employee to speak to Hulu, his former employer, on a similar topic.One Apple employee said Eddy Cue, Apple's head of online services, wanted to speak to. Reed Hastings, CEO of NetflixOver the next two months, Apple employees have met with Netflix to talk about testing and updating their chiefs about Netflix's plans as Apple tries to schedule executive meetings based on email.By July 2018, Apple employees created a presentation on the Netflix issue, the slider included "Pie in the Sky," which was disapproved, Apple employees warned.Slider said Apple has offered Netflix's "custom API" or non-public software to be able to create a system to modify Apple subscriptions, manage free trials, or extend the auto-renewal date. It will also generate a direct Netflix on-demand feature.It also points to the power of Apple's App Store content, which can drive downloads. Conducted my own tests and found that when promoting Netflix within the App Store app, download conversions increased 6% to 7% and said Netflix had more App Store locations than any other partner, increasing 330,000 downloads or 2% conversions. Estimate.


Apple does not charge you for App Store content "Editors" Placements.Finally, a series of slides suggest that Apple can deepen its partnership with Netflix, including using the Netflix commission that Apple collects to buy App Store search ads to drive downloads or integrate Netflix into it. Apple Services Another possibility is to offer Netflix a “Video Affiliate Benefit”, which sounds like a deal Apple has with Amazon Prime Video that allows customers to bill directly.Despite Apple's clear efforts, Netflix canceled new subscriptions through Apple in December 2018, allowing Apple to bypass Apple's in-app purchases. Using Netflix in the app, we know it's a hassle. Facebook and Apple have a history of conflict.Facebook has long been at odds with Apple over its desire to put social games in its apps, which contradicts Apple's rules of having app or software collections within apps. Last year, Facebook criticized heavily and said Apple was using control of the platform to hurt developers and consumers.In a 2011 email exchange posted in the archives as part of the ruling and later, Apple executives including former CEO Steve Jobs talked about a compromise with games in the Facebook iPad app after. Former software chief Scott Forstall talks to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

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