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Videos are awesome to complement your streams

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hey guys,

just wanted to share a few thoughts on the  videos and streams portions of this site.weather your streamer or a youtuber you should always remember that your exposure and chance of growing lurks at every corner.so you can always post videos with highlights of your streams or make videos of topics  that you touch on your streams.regardless it is important to be active and many platforms as you possibly can.

 The key here is to be available and  reachable by your community at all times it might not seem much of an advise but it works for me.posting regularly and  taking care of comments makes a HUGE difference.

anyways those were my two cents. Now guys what do you think ? and how did it go for you guys ? i would really love to read some of your opinions  and what can we do more to grow as streamers, gamers and youtubers 

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