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White shoes is a compulsory accessory in any well-functioning wardrobe from tiny tots to adults  white shoes are everyone’s favorite they go well with everything in your closet from jeans, caprees, hot pants, regular short dresses, play suits and jump suits. White shoes can match with any outfit from retro style to high fashion. There are several white shoes or sneakers available in the market to make your outfit look complete and adorable white shoes are the most versatile and useful in the shoes game. There are numerous brands providing different quality of white shoes made with different kind of raw materials like cotton, leather, and cloth, now a daysplastic is also recycled so that it can be used in manufacturing white shoes.

There are people who are mad about white shoes and love them a lot butthere  are many  who likes wearing white shoes but avoids wearing them due to the fear of getting their white sneakers dirty and many don’t buy white shoes because they are afraid of its maintenanceand cleaning hacks. In this article you will read about best ways to clean white shoes.

Firstly be prepared with required material before you start cleaning your white shoes, they are listed below:

·         Some old cotton rags or an old t-shirt would be better.

·         Water in a small bucket.

·         Vinegar, baking soda, bleach or toothpaste.

·         Soft bristle toothbrush.

·         Dish wash soap, powder or liquid.


CLEAN YOUR WHITE SHOES WITH TOOTHPASTE: to make your shoes look shinier and whiter apply toothpaste to your dirtyshoes, take a toothbrush and slowly move it in circular motions on dirtier section of shoes and on extra dirty tough stains, now once you are done with using toothpaste and toothbrush let it sit for ten minutes. Use a damp rag to wipe out all the stains and toothpaste from your shoes, apply same process again if required.

APPLY BAKING SODA TO CLEAN YOUR SHOES: take one tablespoon of hot water, one table spoon of white vinegar and one tablespoon of baking soda mix them well in a bowl forming a consistent paste now use an old toothbrush to leather the mixture on your dirty shoes, now keep your shoes under the sun for 3-4 hours after themixture is dry clap the shoes and scrap off the stains and paste, clean them with a moist cotton cloth you will find your shoes several shades whiter.

USE BLEACH: the best way to clean your white shoes is through using bleach take bleach with at least five times of water in a well ventilated area and mix it well with a toothbrush, dip your shoes into the solution and scrub the shoes gently do not scrub them with bare hands, first wear gloves and then scrub your shoes rinse them with warm water and then let them dry under sun for 3-4 hours you will find your shoes white and bright.


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Thanks for the tutorial, I have been wearing white shoes for 20 years and constantly get them dirty. I am so used to wearing white sneakers, sneakers, even tried to find shoes in white (I understand that this is not elegant in a classic style). On weekdays, I prefer to wear white walking boots , and of course when we go out with his family on nature, I put on sneakers. After a picnic in nature, white sneakers get very dirty. So I bought new sneakers every month, because it is impossible to bleach them. Heh... Thanks to your method, I will save some money.

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