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Lori was born on 6thSeptember, 1957 in the United States of America, she was not born with make brush and blusher but developed her interest in makeup and hair-styling, at the tender age of 8 she use to dress and style her dolls, at the age of eleven she use to draw models prototype and fill eyeshadows and eyeliners to makethem look gorgeous.

Allison began working for the boutique at the age of 13 and since then she never looked back. Her friends always supported and motivated her to pursue her skills. Lori’s best friend Adam Ant and Christina Applegate helped her continue her career as a professional makeup artist, Christina gave her job on television and Adam gave her a chance to appear in the first movie, Lori Anne Allison Makeup Artist had blessings and support of all kind hearted people around her who supported her to cross all the obstacles of her professional life.

Lori is a sensational talented makeup artist and a good actress, she worked for various renowned artists and is therefore loved around the globe.

Lori Anne Allison make-up artist married to the Hollywood’s most popular actor Johnny Depp also famously known as the Pirates of the Caribbean the couple got married in 1983 and divorced in 1985 due to Johnny’sillicit affairs but they maintained a healthy friendly relationship and always supportedeach other when required, the couple together had no children.

Lori also supported hisex-husband when Johnny’s second wife Amber Heardaccused him of hurting her which occurred way back in May 2016. Lori told her friends that Johnny never tortured her physically and even had not screamed her in anger and this is how the relationship works standing for each other and protecting from all kind of harms.

Lori Anne Allison earned good amount as a professional makeup artist and actress, in America the average salary of a makeup artist is $63,710 per year she also received a sum of $ 7 million from Johnny Depp as a part of the divorce settlement.

Lori Anne Allison  makeup artist is now living her life peacefully, she isbusy in freelancing make up lessons on internet and tons of her clients keeps her busy all day long, she also owns two minor companies Serendipity lip glosses in February 2015 andD’Cups.

She is inactive on social media and away from Facebook, Instagramand twitter this shows that she is away from limelight and a very private person, Lori Anne Allison is living a life under a rock in terms of public appearances but never leavesa chanceof being away from media shadows being the ex-wife of the handsome hunk Johnny Depp.

At the age of 61 she looks stunning gorgeous and maintained her curves through meditation and yoga there was a rumor that claimed that she is dead but that’s absolutely false she is perfectly fine, she is living her life like a free bird.


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Actually I'm a huge fan of her. However, to be honest, I didn't know that she's a makeup artist. Although, I really like her Serendeppity lip gloss line. They have a rich and creamy consistency and are not sticky at all. I wish she could also design some mink lashes, because most of them are not comfortable to wear. Anyway, minks are the best for achieving a natural look because they are very thin and delicate. Besides, the eyelash master should also work very carefully when applying them, so the lash extension work is not that simple.

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