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What are some of your favorite Indie titles?

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As a variety streamer, I am a Huge fan of finding awesome little indie games to experience, what are some of the great indie titles you have played recently,

For me It Celeste was an experience, with it's tight controls and awesome story, its a must play for platformer fans,

Image result for celeste Gif

another one that I am excited for its full release is Astronomer,

Even in its "Alpha" state, the game is Popping with color and an absolute blast to play, the animations are so aesthetically pleasing that sometimes my jaw drops just looking at them, 

The game launches February 6th and I can't wait to dive in!

Image result for astroneer gif

I'm looking forward to hearing what Indie titles you guys have enjoyed! 

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We get a lot of indie games for reviews but right now I got to say Dead Cells has been my favourite. The only thing I ever heard about it before getting the review was that it was a Metroidvania Dark Souls (which is far from the truth) so I didn't have much interest. After playing it, it was a Rogue-like (rogue-lite?) GBA Castlevania that was so fast pace that I instantly fell in love with it. 

Moonlighter was another great one that consumed most of my indie playing time last year.



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