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Graphic Designer

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They can Make you Dope Digital Painting, Dope Custom Logo, Banner and Emotes!


If you guys are  looking for  Like  Pictures Banners or  anything, I will  Also Post  what  I had  done by  them so  far!

  As well add a few  news  about them! 

For a face the cost is $25. Payment can be made via PayPal. We will do as many revisions needed till you are blown away with the results. A personalised Dope Digital Artwork takes 3 days from receiving your photo. 

You will be provided with a High-Resolution version of your Digital Art. You will be able to frame it, use it for your T-shirt art, even print to a canvas. The options are endless. 

Banner starts from 30$!
Direct Message (DM)  to ask!
I  also,  hope  that  this  will help somehow! 
The  link  is  in  the  bottom on  this  POST!



WhatsApp Image 2018-10-25 at 01.16.550.jpgWhatsApp Image 2018-10-25 at 01.16.500.jpg

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I Just  like  to  update  this  Forum  a  little!

The  past  week  I  have been  getting stuff done  by: NinjaLogoDesigner  They  have done  a really great  job on  my  logo as I  will  post  a few picture  under this  post  after  I  am  done.   

Here  is  their  Website  if you are interested feel free  to  take  a look! 

I  will highly recommend  them! 

I always  love to  check  out other  Graphic Designer's  out  there  and try  them  out as  well,  So  far  I  seen  two  that  I  really  like  to  use more  that  is in my  way!

Have a good  day All!


download (3).png




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