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Word association game

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В 29.03.2016 в 22:39, KentishZombie сказал:

Last fun game missing from here.







Okay lets do dis;



was machen wir hier?)

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Cheesecake, although you can pick up anything here, from liquid to illiquid for fun. The money itself also has liquidity, which can be exchanged for any commodity at any time (absolute liquidity). However, there are both highly liquid and low liquid currencies. For example, the US dollar will not be difficult to exchange for another currency, so it has high liquidity, but it is much more difficult to find a buyer for the Kenyan shilling — therefore, the liquidity thecentsofmoney.com  of this currency is low (if you do not take into account the liquidity of the Kenyan shilling in the market of Kenya and neighboring countries).

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