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  1. Hey everyone! Mind helping him out! We are trying to push his channel :D Truly appreciate :D



  2. Your Amazing baby, Keep up the good work! <3

  3. Well come to CGN baby <3.. Glad you could join us here!

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  4. The start of a new week :) #BF4 #XboxOne https://t.co/3kJfpLstxk https://t.co/1m47Ef0mPI

  5. RT @G_WarfareTwitch: Switching to GTA V since DBD isn't working for us lol https://t.co/whopOxs3ID @TwitchGain @TwitchShare @DJBawlzy @Form…

  6. RT @joe5029: LIVE NOW on #FIFA17 #TWITCH https://t.co/IlgHf0CHNh @GamersElixir #GE https://t.co/dFFTugVKh5

  7. RT @UltraKong117: Thief @FormalSlayer https://t.co/p6DqClQiq8 @TwitchSharer @TwitchTVGaming #CGN unknown to the world and ready to do dange…

  8. RT @AviaVoid: Practicing for CoD 4 came watch and enjoy #CGN @collectiongamin @VenomAssaultV1 @FormalSlayer should be fun !!

  9. RT @GsDaProduct: I know u r goin through a lot atm but just to put on a smile through the pain & Tears @PennyStoneHome We L?ve Y?u! #CGNGir…

  10. Well.. well.. look who shows up again Streaming the new #DestinyRiseOfIron DLC!!

    Come and join us at http://www.twitch.tv/formalslayer


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  11. Loving the new CGN interface!!

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    1. JonZiemba1


      I agree.  It is so incredibly user-friendly!  The app is really great too.

    2. zheck


      Glad you are enjoying it @FormalSlayer

  12. Hope I can friend some of the beautiful people here in CGN in my Discord channel :D could talk about collabs and promoting :Dhttps://discord.gg/0lXBDsO2SyAIPNFo

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