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  1. Welp....after 3 hours....the first level of Dram world is completed lol Man I am a noob at Kaizo! My fault for skipping 3 difficulties to play a expert Kaizo rom hack!

  2. New Mario Kaizo player. Streaming Dram World now. Come chill and hang out!

  3. Going to learn some Kaizo tricks on Super Mario World....this is hard

  4. Will be doing some Mario 64 speedruns/practice in about an hour and a half.  Come hang out

  5. Broke 900 follows! 

  6. R6 time with the Plat squad! come and chill

  7. Streaming some Silent Hill!

  8. Streaming now!

  9. Got back into streaming, but, doing so on mixer! 

  10. streaming some super star wars! never played these games before and I hear they are hard.....

  11. Hey guys, So I used to stream a lot while I was in my undergrad program, but not consistently. With that said, just wanted to let the great CGN community know that I am starting my stream back up, but a little differently this time. For one, I will stream during the week on a consistent schedule of 3-5pm ET. Secondly, I will be doing "Lets plays" of classics on the NES, SNES, Sega, and N64. I have a modded NES mini / Elgato, so I thought I would put them to a good use. So, feel free to stop on by and chill while I play the classics (I suck at them so that's always fun).
  12. Starting my stream channel back up! going to be doing "Lets plays" of N64, Nes, Snes, and Sega games off of my modded Nes mini, so come check it out! Everyday from 3-5pm ET

  13. FLAK3

    E3 Thread

    So I don't know about you guys, but I love E3 and watch it every year. So I decided to make this thread to discuss what we are excited about and to post awesome news about the show. I will update this thread as more information about E3 occurs and even as the show goes on, so we can have all the information in one place! I'm just excited so this helps lol Just a reminder: E3 is a show to either reveal a new game or show more info, trailers, and gameplay of already announced games. What I am excited for: Nintendo Information about the new Zelda game, hopefully it doesn't get delayed again Pokemon Sun and moon PS4 Battlefield 1 Dues Ex Mafia 3 CONFIRMED GAMES TO BE SHOWN Attack on Titan Battlefield 1 Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Dishonored 2 Dragon Quest VII Everest VR F1 Final Fantasy XV/Brave Exvius/XIV:Heavensward Forza Hitman I am Setsuna Legend of Zelda Wii U Mafia III Monster Hunter Persona 5 Nioh Pokemon Go Pokemon Sun and Moon Sonic boom: Fire andd Ice Star Ocean Titanfall 2 Tokyo Mirage Sessions Yooka-Laylee WRC 6 RUMORED GAMES TO BE SHOWN Below Borderlands 3 Crackdown 3 Detroit: Become Human Dreams (PS4) Fifa 17 Final Fantasy VII remake Gears 4 Horizon: Zero Dawn Just Dance Kingdom Hearts 3 Last Guardian Nier Automata Prey 2 Red Dead Redemption 2 Saints Row 5 Diablo 4
  14. I've been playing a lot of Hitman. Also starting my 4th character on Dark Souls 3 and got back into the competitive scene of Rainbow Six Seige and finally got a team going. You mentioned pokemon sun and moon. I also cant wait for that and I bought the yelllow version for the 3ds and got my pokemon to 100......thats how excited I am lol. Other than pokemon, I cant wait for No Mans Sky, but it got delayed once again. Also E3 will be big and ill watch that.
  15. So I just got back into streaming on my PS4 (college really sucked up my time, hence my absence from streaming and this site). I wanted to see how many PS4 streamers we had and if anyone would like to team up and get a group going. Let me know on here or add me on PS4 (put in CGN reply on the request so I know).
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