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Experience Gaming

  1. Experience Gaming

    The Vercetti Family (GTA Online)

    So this Leon Vercetti character that I came up with back in the day ended up being this really big thing in my roleplay world. This character over the course of his five year story has evolved into a story about an immortal creature that started his life in 1864 and lived on into an unknown date after the destruction of earth. I've used this same character across GTAV, Red Dead Redemption 2, various shooters, ARK Survival Evolved, and Conan. With a story starting to where he is a decent age in RDR2 and it presumably ending in the ARKs of ARK Survival Evolved...it's been a long journey. Check out the GTA chapters of his life, where it all started as he raises hell in the streets with his criminal "family" The Vercetti Family.
  2. Experience Gaming

    Conan Exiles - Episode 1

    Well this is just another world to tear down and try to build in an image that makes all you guys happy. Always looking for suggestions and ideas as I have a terrible times making decisions on my own. So if you want to see me build something in one of these building and survival roleplay games, send me a message and I'll jump right on it.
  3. So I also have a nice little series in modded Skyrim SE that I started a year ago. I've also adjusted some mods and I'm bringing this one back on the Xbox One X as well. It's all about roleplay and an adventurer's story...and there is a lot of extra content here. So if you want to see certain things or you have ideas, please share. Hope you enjoy this story.
  4. Experience Gaming

    Modded Fallout 4 Roleplay

    Do me a favor and ignore that this episode is from one year ago. Let's just say that it's been a long year, but this story is far from forgotten. In that long year, I've mad some changes to my mod list, and I've also upgraded to the Xbox One X. So the quality of the future episode will be much higher. Only real content changes that I've made is I've killed all lore breaking items in the story with the exception of the "energy saber" for the sake of continuity. Hope you like, I've got a lot of building mods on this one, so it will very much be as much a let's build as it is a roleplay.
  5. Looking to populate my cluster with roleplayers, content creators, and builders. If any of this interests you...check out the info in my ARK forums.


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  6. Experience Gaming

    XPG/WWE Fantasy Universe

    So some of my friends and I got together and started matching up wrestlers, legends, and nobodies that we liked. Then we started digging through an insanely amazing community of creators adding fantasy content....so we got creative and created our own Universe. This is just the beginning, and believe me...it just gets better...
  7. Experience Gaming

    Colonizing The ARK - S1E2

    A little bit of a tour of an old castle I built...and it's ARK....so it's always some sort of adventure...Let me know if you like it, hopefully I've earned a like or a sub?
  8. Experience Gaming

    Colonizing The ARK - S1E1

    Jump into my roleplay cluster and get to know the Colonizing The ARK world. Never a dull moment with much more to come.
  9. What's up guys, been a while...but I'm back on my horse. Going to be sharing a lot of my content...please like, share, subscribe and such to help a new content creator get himself and his group out there!!5841d700c44c1_ExperienceGamingLogo.png.7ddac2b72e203ad10f07df81bfbe045c.png

  10. Haven't been on here in a while. Got lots going on these days.... I'll start showing it here as well if possible. 

    Let's start with this series from my ARK Survival Evolved cluster.. 


    ARK Cluster Thumbnail 1.jpg

    ARK Thumbnail.png


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  11. Experience Gaming

    Happy New Year!!!

    Happy New Year to all our supporters. Love you guys. www.experiencegaming.org Compliments of Experience Gaming
  12. Running full simulation settings and exploring the game as a guy named Leonardo with his own back story and character. Fully interactive stream, so tell me what you want me to drive or do or anything you may want to see. XPG Presents: Horizon~Australia. Some role play elements and a completionist pursuit....looking for cool cats to come hang out and talking gaming.
  13. Hey guys, check out experiencegaming.org to get linked up with a mature group of hardcore gamers!!!

  14. Welcome to CGN, SamGregImmortal :)

    1. Experience Gaming

      Experience Gaming

      Hey thanks, seems like a great network to be a part of.