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  1. So the antics of the Vercetti Family are pretty explosive. Unfortunately the level of crazy we operate on comes with costs. We handle those costs with robinhood like approach where we still from the rich and give to the Vercetti's. In this one, we're going to put in some work on a heist, because that's where the money is at...right? Thanks for watching and don't hesitate to let me know what you think!!
  2. An odd occurrence takes place as Moldy suddenly disappears...but what reappears happens to be moldy...but no longer moldy anymore. Odd character this one is, check out Leon's adventures with him and let me know where I can improve. Love you guys and thanks again for all of the support.
  3. Leon's next phase is to command the "reseed protocol" from within the ARKs. But in order to do that, he has to make it to earth. In an attempt to stop Leon's ambition, the ARKs start to initiate defenses to keep survivors from jumping between ARKs and to Earth. Watch as the crew finds some of the defenses the ARK has in store for them.
  4. The ARKs are calling to Leon who is still staggering from the wave of emotions that have struck him since he woke. He knows what has to be done, and he knows that he will do it, but how is really becoming a problem. Got this story coming along well with Leon Vercetti in GTA, Red Dead, ARK, Conan, Citadel, No Man's Sky, and with the Vercetti story stretching to other games like Fallout, Anthem, and so on. So feedback is always welcome and if you'd like to read these stories, check out my site at http://www.experiencegaming.org Thanks for all of your continued support...because of you guys...I feel like I might actually be able to do this.
  5. After a very long slumber, Leon finds himself waking up again in an unfamiliar place...feeling very...well unfamiliar. He's awoken by the ARKs themselves...because they're calling to him...and others...for something bigger than any of them.
  6. Leon discovers that the reseed protocol is a taller order than he initially expected. Not only would it require decontamination of the earth...which required...ya know...getting to earth. But even the ARKs stand opposed to the fixing and rebuilding of the planet. As Leon and his group of random heroes grows stronger, the ARKs start to fight back with more strength. This is the last time Leon was seen in this primitive time, and would afterward slumber for quite some time. Hope you enjoy it, and please let me know what you think in the comments.
  7. Leon takes a tour around the Ragnarok kingdom belonging to Asmund the Nordic Lord. Then...as they often do...they venture off into the wild to find some trouble to get into. Check it out, pardon the stream lag, and hit those like and subscribe buttons. My views and view time has been doing well, so I want to try to keep and push that momentum. Thanks again, to every single one of you. For more into the wild world of Leon Vercetti and much more media and content, check out https://www.experiencegaming.org
  8. So this is a thank you/promo post. You guys have shown my videos a lot of love. I want to thank you all for supporting an old dude following a gaming dream. Every view, click, like, and sub is a big step towards my dreams. On that note I want to link you guys to my website and direct you to the forums we've got on there. They are starting to catch some attention and the numbers are showing that people still do a lot of reading.
    We have forums full of dork lore, game tips, tricks, mods, and just a mess of gaming stuff under the forums tab on my website. So if you still like me and want to catch a good read, hope on over to Experience Gaming's forums and check the stuff out. I'm really happy to not only see readers, but to have fellow writers starting to share their roleplay and stories with me. I've got a lot planned to come to all of the forums and hope to add more. 
    And feedback is always welcomed and highly anticipated, so let me know how you feel and what you would like to see.

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      I get these all the time in my youtube comments, the Thank you/promo I mean its like 
      "Hey Legit! Thank you soo much for watching my *** Video, I found your channel by your comment on my *** Video, you are awesome and really good at what you do, would you mind giving me a shout out? or re watching my *** video and giving me tips to get better?" 

      I don't know I just thought it be funny 
      Best of luck with your goals ❤️ 

  9. So if the last episode with the Vercetti Family wasn't too much sauce...then here you go. It should have been too much sauce, but hey...some people like sauce I guess.
  10. So I've got a cluster with a couple servers for roleplayers and creatives to get together, go on adventures, and just have fun and be creative. But there's always a contingency plan for "that guy" because we all know at least one troll will find their way into a good cluster or server and ruin it for everyone...until our squads show up, and does what any good squad does. This little funboy thought he'd start picking on female members...and then promoted himself to racism...the rest is the video. Clean, clear, and under control.
  11. Thank you for all the posts buddy!! 

  12. In this one Leon looks to challenge himself. Starting from a random spot in the Viking Bay or Ragnarok, he intends to take a survival trip back to his settlement...and just for kicks...this all starts from a nice little trailer he built just for this little survival occasion.
  13. So the family gets together...and instead of going in soft...they go all the way in with tanks like the end is near. The mission was grinding for money, and the mission was a success...but this was just way too much fun to call it grindy.
  14. The Vercetti Family takes on the new Diamond Casino update in true Vercetti fashion. Got a good little team of creators these days, hope we can earn a like or a share...
  15. So it's seeming to start slow, but I've enjoyed the roleplay element of Red Dead Online. Hoping to take it further as time progresses. Also looking for other roleplayers to play with and record with. Hope you enjoy, and as always...open to suggestions.
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