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  1. As the wastes fill up with people looking for treasure, Leon continues on his path to rebuild...and find his way to the Arks.
  2. Join Leon Vercetti again as he ventures to return a debit card and grab some smokes. But as usual, things go way sideways and it gets Rambo real quick. Check it out and I hope you like it!!!
  3. The fun and the chaos of bringing a new survivor into Ark. You never really know what is going to happen...but it's always worth the watch. Check it out and let me know what you think and what adventures you'd like to see in the future.
  4. So I've gone on a path with the story that removes my character's "power" thus putting me in a position to get to grind Ark as intended once again. Leon has found himself on an Ark he has not been to in some time and must rebuild from the ground up with not much more than the shirt on his back to get started. Looking forward to getting back into the madness of Ark without Admin commands...so I hope you enjoy this and what is to come. Leon running through Ark without assistance from codes...can't help but think the content that will come from that will be incredible.
  5. XPG Facebook Gallery


    You guys have been amazing and I can't express my gratitude enough. Hoping I can draw some of that good will towards the XPG Facebook page. Trying to get those likes and follows up....so check it out and hopefully something impresses you enough to earn me that follow.

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      Sending my love bb! 

  6. Leon Vercetti ARK Timeline


    More work in the forums, check it out and share your thoughts... And share with friends. 😁

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  7. This one speaks for itself. Not just a base tour with this one, but a city tour on our Valguero Ark. Hope you like this as much as I did and let me know if there's something you'd like to see.
  8. Thanks for the videos pal! 

  9. So a good ole Canadian friend of mine wanted me to stretch my redneck arms in a muddin' sim that I thought I could handle. Well...it was set to hardcore, I found out that I don't know what a differential is, and I was very wrong. Got more coming from this one already, hope you like!! And to see the whole of my content, check out my site...experiencegaming.org
  10. I'm obviously very interested in the survival/building genre of games and I'd like to think I produce decent content from within them. So I've got to jump on the Pirates of the Caribbean version of ARK and see what Leon can do there. Starting my own little let's build/ let's play on a player dedicated session of Atlas. It's a game preview title on the Xbox One and I'll be playing it on the Xbox One X so I don't expect much in the way of the general issues. Then again, I did go through ARK in preview...nonetheless...I expect some fun to be had here and I hope you enjoy. Thanks for all the support and feedback, and keep it coming. I love the interaction. For more of what I've got going on in the content creation realm, check out my website Experience Gaming Homepage
  11. So a casino opens in Los Santos. The Vercetti Family all but runs the entire state and already has ties with the Cheng Family through Trevor. When the Cheng's decide to remodel and reopen the casino, the Vercetti Family soon find themselves running security...if you can call it that. Check out some of the work they put in for the Cheng Family and the Diamond Casino & Resort.
  12. Leon's ARK Journal - XPG ARK Forums


    The Forums are starting to get the momentum that I wanted them to get and as long as you guys are gonna keeping reading...I'm gonna keep writing. Thanks again for all of the love, and be critical...so I can be better.

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      Seems legit! 

  13. Thank you soo much for the videos pal 

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    1. Experience Gaming

      Experience Gaming

      Thanks for all the love and support.


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      not a problem at all buddy happy to give it out! 

  14. We get the crew together to enjoy our spoils and as it always does...it takes a turn. Good times with the Vercetti Family GTXP as usual. Let us know in the comments what you'd like to see.
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