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  1. wow had my mic off for the entire titanfall 2 mp i'm the best at this streamin thing 😅 more titanfall 2 mp tomorrow 19:00MST @cgnshare @chnstreams @cgndotus


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  2. Apex Legends for an hour then back to Titanfall 2 at 19:00 MST https://twitch.tv/exmachinagamma

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  3. man i wish i could stream more thanks for coming out everyone! stream will continue tomorrow with Apex Legends and, with time permitting, more Titanfall 2 at 19:00 MST see ya then! https://witch.tv/Exmachinagamma #CGN @cgnshare @cgnstreams @cgndotus

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  4. Cheers for the follow man

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    1. PasticheOfSkin


      Love the GUndams. Tallgeese was always my fav


    2. Exmachinagamma


      hell yea tallgeese was awesome!


    3. PasticheOfSkin


      Was my main Go to when playign Dw:Gundam too ^_^


  5. Titanfall 2 tonight at 19:00 MST apex legends stream tomorrow twitch.tv/exmachinagamma

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  6. going live with Ace Combat 7 with a friend twitch.tv/Exmachinagamma #CGN @CGN

  7. Exmachinagamma

    How did you come up with your username?

    Exmachina is latin for "a God from a Machine" and gamma cause i like the Greek symbols for it. Being that i like Mechs and Mobile Suits i just incorporated it with how i'm trying to stream/make youtube vids and have instant action in my gameplays
  8. no stream tonight steam and AC7 arent cooperating will stream tomorrow to make up for it same time 19:00 MST twitch.tv/Exmachinagamma #CGN @CGN @cgnshare 

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  9. 15 min until i go live for Ace Combat 7 MP Danger Zone! twitch.tv/Exmachinagamma

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    1. CuzinT


      Ace Combat 7 Is an Awesome Game!

  10. playing w a friend 15 min for apex legends! twitch.tv/exmachinagamma #CGN @CGN.US @cgnshare @CGNpromo

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  11. Loyalty badges are set, Emote is ready for chat and all them got fully paid for i'm pretty psyched! i even did some gif animations for host, follow, and raid when i stream! stream is on for tonight 19:00 MST with Apex Legends. Get Some!!! twitch.tv/exmachinagamma

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  12. got my 1st emote up on twitch! RE2 remake with the new DLC along with 4th survivor and tofu tonight at 19:00 MST twitch.tv/exmachinagamma #CGN @CGNshare

  13. stacking for stream now twitch.tv/exmachinagamma

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  14. huh? i'm not a partner anymore?


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    1. zheck


      You weren't supposed to be a Partner.
      You never applied, but somehow you got verified with the Checkmark.
      We are looking to figure out what that might have been.
      But you are free to always apply. 🙂 


    2. Exmachinagamma


      i don't have the followers but i'll try later😅 i just saw that in the application. when that happens ill apply

  15. Thanks for the follow!

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    1. Exmachinagamma


      getting use to posting more on here 😅