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  1. https://www.twitch.tv/exmachinagamma
  2. Tonight at 18:00 MST i'll be starting my Level 99 Run on Final Fantasy 7 and 8 since 7 getting a remake and 8 coming to the Nintendo Switch. See ya then twitch.tv/Exmachinagamma #CGN @CGN @cgnshare @cgnstreams

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  3. MK 11 Towers of Time and Tales from the Kypt today on stream. More Days Gone for Friday stream. Retro Saturday will be the classic Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare on Xbox 360 and Sunday will be an extended Retro stream with a Final Fantasy 7 lvl 99 run i'll explain what that is on Sunday. See ya then twitch.tv/Exmachinagamma #CGN @CGN @cgnstreams @cgnshare

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  4. Retro Saturday at 21:00 MST with MK Mythologies Subzero on N64 and Mk Trilogy and Castlevania Legacy of Darkness. Switch Sunday will be Fatal Fury 2 see ya there twitch.tv/Exmachinagamma #CGN @CGN

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  5. New animated overlay set for my stream is go. I'm excited with this new overlay!  Stream will be on at 21:00 MST with More Mortal Kombat 11  #CGN @cgnshare @cgnstreams

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  6. Goldeneye64 stream at 21:00 MST maybe more 64 games too! twitch.tv/Exmachinagamma #CGN @CGN

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  7. Towers of Time for koins and Tales from the Krypt at 21:00 tonight, Days Gone on fri, Retro Saturday with Goldeneye007 for N64, and Swich Sunday with Metal Slug X.

    Schedule changed to 21:00 MST time enough for me to get comf with my meds for my sore foot ?

    check me out at


    Twitch is the world's leading video platform and community for gamers.


    #CGN @CGN 

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  8. Retro Saturday with some PS1 games at 19:00 MST twitch.tv/Exmachinagamma #CGN @cgnshare @cgndotus Saturday will be a day for Retro games which is one of my days off. See ya then!


  9. setting up my stream taking longer than i thought? but i'll be up soon with Super empire strikes back https://www.twitch.tv/Exmachinagamma

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  10. Dino Crisis PSone upscaled stream at 19:00 MST https://twitch.tv/Exmachinagamma surgery countdown stream before i'm off for 6 weeks. see ya there!?

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    1. Exmachinagamma


      #CGN @CGN @cgnshare @cgnstreams

  11. Apex Legends at 19:00 MST trying to see if my mic quits working only on this game for some reason as oppose to titanfall 2. https://twitch.tv/Exmachinagamma  #CGN @cgnshare @cgnstreams @CGN

  12. We're back in business! My PC has its OC at 3.6 and my 4K60 Pro is still in the case! Stream is on with Titanfall2 at 19:00 MST https://twitch.tv/Exmachinagamma  #CGN @cgnshare @cgnstreams @CGN

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  13. Titanfall 2 MP at 19:00 MST #CGN @cgnshare @cgnstreams https://twitch.tv/Exmachinagamma

  14. stream in 1 hour Apex Legends and Titanfall 2 again since my stream was short yesterday https://twitch.tv/Exmachinagamma #cgn @CGN @cgnshare

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