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  1. NOW LIVE! Getting back in there with Life is Strange: Before the Storm Episode 1! https://www.mixer.com/EscaPlays


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  2. LIVE NOW with the final episode (Episode 5) of Life is Strange! 100% completely blind first time playing this. After last weeks ridiculous cliffhanger, let's see where this is going to go!!! Come hang out: https://www.mixer.com/EscaPlays


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  3. LIVE NOW WITH DEAD BY DAYLIGHT! Come hang out! https://www.mixer.com/EscaPlays


  4. LIVE NOW with my 100% blind first time playthrough of Life is Strange! We're starting out on Episode 3 tonight! https://www.mixer.com/EscaPlaysLive with some more creative minecraft, I think we'll be able to finish this house today! The beanboozled button is ACTIVE! Come hang out: https://www.mixer.com/EscaPlays

  5. Got some new designs up on the merch store! Hope you like them! ?

    As always if you make a purchase, please DM me so you can pick a game off of my steam code list <3


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  6. NEVERMIND. Minecraft isn't running well for me. I'll need to play a different game: Dead by Daylight! But, it isn't updated. Please pardon me while I download the updates.

  7. The beanboozle button is active today y'all! Join me as we finish this house: https://www.mixer.com/EscaPlays


  8. LIVE NOW with some more Creative Minecraft! We've installed some more cool new mods, and the server is being tested now! Public access will be SOON! Come hang out! https://www.mixer.com/EscaPlays


  9. Alrighty!!! It's time to start our FIRST + BLIND play through of Life is Strange! The only thing I know about this game is that it involves making decisions. That's it. Join me!!! https://www.mixer.com/EscaPlays

  10. LIVE with a BONUS STREAM! Come check out my new lighting set up + enjoy some Creative Minecraft! https://www.mixer.com/EscaPlays


  11. BONUS STREAM! See you sometime within the next 30 minutes!!! https://www.mixer.com/EscaPlays

    ?Sale is active Feb 21st - Feb 25th! ?

    ?JUST ADDED: Phone Cases + Laptop Cases!?
    ?JUST ADDED: Kids Shirts + Hoodies!?

    Message me if you make a purchase -
     You can choose a FREE steam code off of my list!


  13. LIVE NOW with some Fortnite BR! Or should I say, StealthNite? Come hang out and see my unorthodox way to play this game! Not to mention... The beanboozle button is active! See you there (: https://www.mixer.com/EscaPlays

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  14. Tell ya mama! Tell ya sista! I'm playing Fortnite BR on stream today! Ask me about #StealthNite. We're comin' for you HypeZone! https://www.mixer.com/EscaPlays

  15. Going live with Creative Minecraft! Today we'll be decorating the interior of several buildings and beginning a new building! The beanboozle button is active - pay sparks to make me eat gross stuff! See you there! https://www.mixer.com/EscaPlays


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