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  1. QUACK QUACK GUYS!!  Theres this new game i want you all to check out pleaseee :D  Its a Sandbox MMORPG called Fractured 


    @DNR_CREW @DripRT @StreamerHype #CGN #twitch #TacoNation #HolyPotatoes @deviantarmy @AGGchicks #LadiesOfTwitch @SaucyRetweets @FameRTz @DNRRTz @PantherRTs #stream #streamer @IconRTs @RogueRTs @betarageRT @StreamerTweets #gamesexuals 

  2. #live @theyarebillions twitch.tv/emmajane91 @DNR_CREW @DripRT #StreamerHype #CGN #twitch #TacoNation @AGGchicks @LadiesOfTwitch @SaucyRetweets @FameRTz @DNRRTz @OrcaReTweets @PantherRTs #stream #streamer @IconRTs @RogueRTs @betarageRT @StreamerTweets

    Come Check it out guys PATH TO PARTNER!! Going LIVE with They Are Billions!!



    2018 is gonna be an amazing year, i am gonna push for Partner THIS YEAR, i will get it! Im gonna need all the help i can get! The only thing i need is the 75 average viewership!! So please come and stop by when you can,  share the stream, and even lurk. IT ALL HELPS. It would really mean alot to me! <3 


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    1. RDTechy


      Wish you the best in 2018!

    2. EmmaJane91


      Thank you so much hun!! :D WIshing you all the best for 2018 too!!

  4. Hey thanks for the follow!

    You're always welcome to at the Space Station! 


    1. EmmaJane91


      Your Welcomeee hun And thank you !! :D

  5. #WhyIGame I game because I have always loved to game from an early age. My brother games and I used to watch him. And my uncles had the old Sagems. But The last 10 years.. I game to escape my reality. Of suffering with severe Depression, anxiety, Social anxiety, PTSD and not being able to go out the front door by my self. I enjoy it, it distracts me, keeps my mind busy and transports me to new and beautiful worlds that I can only go to through gaming, I become other versions of me, The adventurous, The strong and brave.. The beautiful avatars. All different pieces of me that never get to shine. That lead onto the streaming to build my confidence up. My friends and other streamers id been with all said i should stream especially because of my voice. And so I did. And I really enjoy it and want to make it my full time job as I'm currently unemployed. That's the #dream to become a successful Partnered #Twitch Streamer. Without my mam, gaming and online friends I don't know if id still be here today.

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  6. Birthday Stream!!!! Going to La Cuna Island in SOS Come check it out at My Twitch and also the newish platform Hero here :  My Hero Link 

    This is fully intergrated into the game so what you guys vote in my hero channel will determine what happens in my game. Help me get higher in the ranks and vote what supplies come into the game. 

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  7. Last stream today, till friday night, before i go away tomorrow!! Cant wait to see my brother! :D<3

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  8. Followed! 

    1. EmmaJane91


      Thank you so so much!! :D

    2. Zil


      No problem! 

    3. EmmaJane91


      Ive followed back :D

  9. thanks for the welcome


    1. EmmaJane91


      Your very welcome hun!! :D

  10. Thanks for the welcome.

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    1. EmmaJane91


      Your Very Welcome Hun!! Thank you for the follow!! :D 


    good night

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  12. @EmmaJane91 Thank you very much for the follow! Much appreciated ?

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    1. EmmaJane91


      Your very Welcome hun!! :D 

  13. Z WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH COLIN IN THE SHOP! :( Sorry for caps.. But.. i cant find him !!! :'(

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    2. EmmaJane91


      NOOOO :'(:'( i couldnt afford him before as i was having to think about the customs here.. I so wish i had just bought him any way im gutted :'(

    3. zheck


      Don't worry. I believe at some point they may become available again.

      But it may be a bit

    4. EmmaJane91


      :( OKey dokey thank you i still wish id had one before hes become a limited edition xD

  14. Cheers for following 

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    2. EmmaJane91


      @sh_code Ohhh i see xD haha :P So by any chance are one of the people who spew PC MASTER RACE everywhere?


    3. sh_code


      1. of course we are everywhere. what kind of master race would it be if we weren't everywhere? :-D
      2. X360 was already just a PC running modified, very disguised version of windows. PS3 was the last one to actually be a "proper console", even hardware-wise. Totally different from everything, tuned for performance unusual for its hardware components, if you knew how to use it right. From then forwards, it's all just PCs in branded cases, with customised, branded OSes. ...oh, there's also this Nintendo thing, right? Hardware? Nobody except licensed devs knows. Software? Customised Linux. Same as PS4 (customised linux), and X360/XBone (customised windows). That's the reason why it's suddenly so easy to port games between them and "console exclusivity" is primarily a business/marketing deal/decision. That's also the reason why it was so hard to port stuff to PS3, because it really, sincerely, required major rewrites, because PS3 hardware was completely alien compared to anything else. Which is why PS3 was able to be more performant as a whole despite using sub-par components even by those days' standards. It connected them differently and used them differently, so it had the "sub-par power" distributed much better in the terms of where it was needed and noticable. PC with the same components just didn't care if most of the components were under-used because of bottlenecks somewhere else.

      But that's just some dev-level hardware nuances for you, as a customer, all you (and I) care about is that gamepads are awesome for certain genres, and that some games are exclusives, therefore if I didn't blow extra money on an extra PC in a different-shaped case, then **** me, right? ;)

      3. Not saying which one is better, or even that any is. Depends on your preferences/needs/use-case. Just that technically, it's the same, except consoles are arbitrarily (by software) limited to gaming, while PCs stay multipurpose. That's all.

    4. s3anelvidge1


      Yeah on twitch and I play PS4 and also have an Xbox one which is used as a DVD player lol, I do also have a gaming pc 

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