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  1. Hit That follow button to get that notification when i go live i stream Pubg,Hearthstone,Overwatch, looking to expand to more games soon.



  2. its has been a while wow has this site change this is awesome

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  3. Hey there peeps Has anyone ever heard of a game called Disgaea, if so let me know what your opinions are about it i have played the vita version but will be going back in time to play the original on the ps2.
  4. Dude Cavs finally got a championchip for ohio

  5. ElMonkey


    i Honestly couldn't agree more with this.
  6. Am sure if we can get enough people we can do PS4 and XBOX 1
  7. ElMonkey


    Dude i cannot wait to see the specs for project scorpion it seems like it will be better than the playstation Neo
  8. Yeah am going to need to do so i want to be able to say i played all of them and brag about it lol i dont know a lot of people that have played them all and my buddy is doing a final fantasy project so he inspired me
  9. I started playing there games with persona 3 have played 4 and am really excited for 5 i have it pre-order already. So mean while i will be playing all the other SMT games that were on console since i dont have a ds and cannot play those. Unless there is a emulator for them already
  10. Yeah i agree thats why am looking for people help on this list and turn it into a cool project
  11. It such a great game i started on Nocturne and whats even better dosent really matter too much the order you play it in Hopefully i will be streaming it today if you would like to check it out
  12. I have recently started playing the Shin Megami Tensei series on the ps2
  13. Whats up everyone got a huge favor to ask of you. Give me a list of your favorite rpgs for the Ps2 besides any of the final fantasy games lol. I am starting to stream old school ps2 rpgs and would love yo see which one are your favorites and i could possible add them to my list thats in the works of being created right now. Currently working on shin megami tensei series which on the ps2 there are at least 5 games alone. so once am done with those i can start any other games you guys loved to play.
  14. ohh yeah for sure considering everything it brings i would of flipped out if they charged anything above that
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