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  1. what is it with MW tryin 2 remake every map in the MW lineup? 


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    1. Legit_Dinosaur


      Looks pretty neat! 

  2. What is with the non stop remakes and remasters in Call Of Duty Modern Warfare (COD MW)? This is the 4th map and counting that has been remade from a past cod. There has only been 2 maps that are brand new to the game that aren't remakes. And i'm not counting the gunfight or ground war maps. Those are "Separate" from the core mp experience.
  3. 2 mouths I have been away! Not a single word about my leave! I all of a sudden hoped on Modern Warfare (MW) and I'm back just like that? No there's way more to it! I will cover all the reasons why I left YT without saying a word in this video. Watch till the end and you will understand why I left.
  4. Thanks for the videos buddy!! 

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  5. I just don't understand why Need For Speed Heat (NFS Heat) starts you off with the worse car possible. Now I gotta spend more $ to buy a better piece of junk that the game should of started me off with.
  6. This is the current state of Need For Speed Heat Online (NFS Heat O). Honestly it's not in a great state rn. Maybe they will add more in but from what I experienced there isn't much. Just about the only thing you are able to do Online is tag team police and get into some massive cop chases. That's it! No racing other players from what I can tell.
  7. A lot of ppl thing that the Plants Vs Zombies (PVZ) title is for little kids! Including the latest one, Plants Vs Zombies Battle For Neighborville (PVZ BFN). Well I'm gonna prove you wrong! Anyone can enjoy this game no matter your age! You could be 100 and still play it! Yes the Franchise is targeted towards children but that dose not mean it's just for children! The second you play it you will become addicted to the game!
  8. Many ppl think the whole Plants VS Zombies Franchise is only for kids. Well ima prove you wrong: 


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  9. Thank you for all the videos? 

  10. This trend of 4th place needs to stop! Like every time I enter first in Need For Speed Heat (NFS Heat) it kicks be all the way back to 4th or worse! This needs to stop now!
  11. I just don't understand why this generation hates racing games so much. The new Need for Speed (NFS Heat) just released and not very many players really care all that much. You'll see some play and create content of it but most creators don't care. A lot of gamers now a days straight up hates any game to do with racing. I remember when a brand new NFS came out every YouTube Channel, News outlet, company, and social media was talking about it. Now anyone talks about is the next "Battle Royale" game. This generation of gaming sucks & someone needs to fix it!
  12. Shotguns in Call Of Duty Modern Warfare (COD MW) are so toxic! Compared to BO4 they are out right OP! OP in a good way. For bot the enmeny and the user! You can actually use them unlike last years cod! Time to pump that shootie and blow some brains!
  13. The whole gun customize system in Call Of Duty Modern Warfare (CoD MW), is all jinked! It's honestly better to rock out a weapon with no attachments. Their attachments system gives you a lot of cons and can make you lose that gun fight. It's Cons that should not even exist. Like Movement speed. There's not enough Pros to an attachment.
  14. Call Of Duty Modern Warfare (CoD MW) is by far the worst cod known to man kind! Don't get me wrong, the Campaign is grate and the graphics are mind blowing! But the Multiplayer is absolute donkey poop! Who really wants to play & enjoy this campy style, Loud footsteps, messed up mini map type of call of duty! Really?
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