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  1. Wow, hey everyone!! It has been forever since I have been on here :C How have you all been?!?!

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    2. Ikacake


      I been  pretty  well, HBU? 

    3. Echidnachimera


      @zheck That is wonderful! I am so glad to hear it! The website has changed so much, it looks awesome!! ❤️

    4. Echidnachimera


      @Ikacake I am happy to hear that ^^ I have been alright, was dealing with A LOT of life stuff lol.

  2. Hey everyone! it's November 5th and you know what that means. It's game day! Extra Life is a worldwide event for gamers of all kinds and together we pledge to complete a 24 hour gaming marathon InfinityBuscuit and I will be part of a huge international celebration of the social impact of gamers with Extra Life and it's our sincere hope that you'll find it in your heart to support us with a monthly pledge or one-time gift that will go directly to the Alberta Children's Hospital Foundation. You can tune into our 24 hour stream on Twitch starting at noon(Mountain Time) at https://www.twitch.tv/echidnachimera and you can donate to our efforts here: http://www.extra-life.org/index.cfm… DONATION MILESTONES $100 ~ We will do the chubby bunny challenge $150 ~ We will do the rest of 24-hour stream in costumes $200 ~ 10 Second Drawing Challenge $250 ~ Ryan will sing with his dog $500 ~ Extra Life Tattoo DONATION GIFTS Donations of $10 I will hang your name on my wall during my 24-hour stream Donations of $15 will get you a thank you card handwritten by me and Ryan (leave address when you donate) Donations of $50 will add an hour onto my marathon
  3. Hello! I shot you a follow on Twitch! Nice to meet you, by the way. Love your designs!

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  4. How is everyone? ^^

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    2. Echidnachimera


      @zheck It was alright lmao. I suck at job interviews XD

    3. bestbobna


      doing great, hope you and kitties are doing good :D

    4. Echidnachimera


      @bestbobna Im glad to hear it :D We are doing great thank you <3

  5. Echidnachimera


    Woop, Z is ahead of the game of course lol ^.^
  6. Echidnachimera


    Thats a good idea. I also think we should get a notification when people post on your profile, because people post on my profile and I don't see it for weeks later XD
  7. Happy Birthday Echidnachimera!

  8. Its always awesome to come across another female streamer. Nice to meet you!

    1. Echidnachimera


      Indeed! Its nice to meet you as well ^^

  9. I think the shirts are cute and a great idea. For your first giveaway you don't want to do anything too big so you can avoid people who only go to streams for giveaways ^.^ I buy lots of Humble Bundles for one or two games and I have lots of extra game codes I usually just give those away o:
  10. I love this thread lol ^.^ Thanks for making that list LiveGameTVNL very handy!
  11. We have an Oculus Rift DK2 and it really is a lot of fun lol. It really isn't for everyone though, if you slap some headphones on it is a very interesting experience and it does make lots of people motion sick. I don't have a problem with it though, nor do I have glasses so I cant really help out there lol. I am just disappointed that the Oculus shot up so much in price. I recall them saying they would raise the price by much or at all and the DK2 kit was about $400 or so. Honestly if it wasn't so expensive I probably would buy it. One time we put the Oculus on my stepdad it was hilarious lol
  12. I re tweeted for you ^.^ Good luck!
  13. A fellow CGNie in Calgary o: I am moving back there in May XD
  14. I'm glad to hear she is okay ^.^
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