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  1. Been doing a lot of Rainbow 6 streams lately. Here's a taste of the latest.
  2. The last installment in the BF1 Campaign.
  3. Part of of the final War Stories campaign. Nothing is WRitten
  4. War Story #4 in Battlefield 1.
  5. The first BF1 Campaign. Yeah, I did a video before but it was sloppy. That and this one uses the upgrades on the old X58 Xeon X5660 and the GTX 970!
  6. dudzfryd

    Live Stream (Poker Night 2)

    It started off so well....
  7. Finishing up Avanti Savoia in Battlefield 1
  8. More Campaign Action!
  9. Part 2 of Flyboy (Friends in High Places) in Battlefield 1 on an Intel Xeon X5660 with a GTX 970
  10. An X58 based Xeon versus ww1 airplane combat in BF1!
  11. The last boss battle in the South Park The Fractured but Whole Bring the Crunch DLC and it's a pain in the a$$