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  1. One last run, one last time to see if there will be any more time. One last shot.
  2. Poker Night 2 - Almost real.

    Just when you're about to give up... Go to 1:30:30 for the most action.
  3. I'm an engineer in BF3 so what do I do? I fix and I fight! Enjoy!
  4. I'm starting to wonder if I'm going to spend the rest of the game in this freakin' ship! :-)
  5. What's all the Rush, Rush, Rush in Battlefield 3 these days!
  6. So there's this crashed spaceship called Pity's fall and for some strange reason we have to go there. People shoot, we shoot back, it's all very social.
  7. WARNING - NSFW, Coarse language! Apologies to the normal, non ego maniacal players of Path of Exile but I've just had it with Path of Exile toxic players. These are the ones that deride, bully and try to make you feel stupid just because you call out something obviously wrong with the game. There's over 800 videos on my YouTube channel for Path of Exile, how many did they create over the past 4 years? Instead of help they attack, instead of understanding they offer abuse. Screw them... So this serves as my farewell to the game and its very vocal toxic members of its community. No fault of Grinding Gear, they're awesome and have a model for F2P that others should be following. It's a great game except where it isn't but nothing will change because only the toxic players are being heard.
  8. No matter how many times you knock me down....
  9. This is the only way I play poker. And sometimes....I need to play poker....
  10. Found an awesome server minus the stat *****s and hack jerks. I rarely enjoy Rush but this time was different.
  11. I can't believe it! I actually had fun!
  12. Battlefield 3 is getting interesting again. Unfortunately that includes the hacks and state addicts.
  13. GTA 5 Public lobbies have become the wild west, that we know. Modders add an element of weirdness that is both interesting and maddening.
  14. Path of Exile pulls another **** move at endgame. Why? I dunno, maybe it's more of that Australian suffering thing again...