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  1. Hey folks thanks for all the follows.  I just finished up returning the favor.  Game on!



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  2. Thanks for the follow,  This is a great place to meet other gamers.

    1. Kristi417


      That's what I hear. Def gonna ck it out, thanks

  3. Another entry for the classic PC game X-wing Vs. Tie Fighter. Made back when Star Wars games didn't have loot boxes and DLC came in a BOX!
  4. Come see the Premiere of my latest series of videos. I'm going classic PC gaming and tonight is the premiere of Star Wars: X-wing Vs. Tie Fighter. I'll be watching with you !
  5. More Live Stream Grid Autosport Action.
  6. dudzfryd

    Grid Autosport Livestream fun!

    Been playing Grid Autosport the past few days. This is the latest and a test of my new stream settings.
  7. Benchmarking the Xeon old school rig with Rainbow 6 Siege!
  8. So I got annoyed and it was kinda funny. This was a test stream with OBS on my 4770K so the quality is less than I'd like but still watchable. Enjoy!
  9. dudzfryd

    BF1 NailBiter

    The BF1 live stream got cut off in the last 5 minutes of the stream Sat. Night. Luckily I record the streams! Good thing too because this was a nail biter all the way to the end! Enjoy!
  10. Been doing a lot of Rainbow 6 streams lately. Here's a taste of the latest.
  11. Part of of the final War Stories campaign. Nothing is WRitten
  12. War Story #4 in Battlefield 1.
  13. The first BF1 Campaign. Yeah, I did a video before but it was sloppy. That and this one uses the upgrades on the old X58 Xeon X5660 and the GTX 970!