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  1. Battlefield 1 Multiplayer on a map that looks like it came from Star Wars Battlefront.
  2. A little help finishing up this mission. The last echo was the trickiest to get.
  3. The best Campaign Boss battle in the game.
  4. The funniest moment from Tales From The Borderlands Episode 5!
  5. I got a little misty seeing Scooter's end in Tales from the Borderlands episode 4 so I made this little mashup from the game.
  6. Battlefield 1 multiplayer, my first experience in Operations mode.
  7. Tank battles in WW1. A heavy toll for a fleeting moment of victory tinged with the blood of a brother....
  8. Path of Exile PUBG mode!
  9. Impromptu Review - South Park the Fractured but Whole. We play then we review!
  10. I couldn't stop laughing....as you'll hear int he video. Tales from the Borderlands Episode 2 funny moment.
  11. Yeah, this is edited. Mostly because you'd probably fall asleep while I spent 30 minutes trying to figure out how to get around a force field that I could have just walked right through. After that there was lots more shooty and bang bang stabby action! :-)
  12. What happens when you mix a bit of Rainbow 6 into a Battlefield game? Breakdown....