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  1. Blimp bashing befuddled bad boys!
  2. Screw the mission. More fun to create mahem and the voice effects are just hilarious.... GTA online the way it SHOULD be played...lol
  3. In a nutshell everything that is bad about Battlefield 5 campaign mode is in this video. Nuff Said...
  4. Other than the credit roll this is the end of Bioshock Infinite and my time with it on Linux. Never thought I'd spend this much time with a game on a Linux distro!
  5. First time playing the PC Building Simulator. I streamed it live. Been wanting to try this out and Steam had a sale....
  6. Thx 4 the follow.  Hope you enjoy the stuff I post!


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  7. dudzfryd

    Metro 2033 Redux - First Steps

  8. Hey folks thanks for all the follows.  I just finished up returning the favor.  Game on!



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  9. Thanks for the follow,  This is a great place to meet other gamers.

    1. Kristi417


      That's what I hear. Def gonna ck it out, thanks