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  1. Thx 4 the follow.  Hope you enjoy the stuff I post!


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  2. dudzfryd

    Metro 2033 Redux - First Steps

  3. Hey folks thanks for all the follows.  I just finished up returning the favor.  Game on!



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  4. Thanks for the follow,  This is a great place to meet other gamers.

    1. Kristi417


      That's what I hear. Def gonna ck it out, thanks

  5. Another entry for the classic PC game X-wing Vs. Tie Fighter. Made back when Star Wars games didn't have loot boxes and DLC came in a BOX!
  6. Come see the Premiere of my latest series of videos. I'm going classic PC gaming and tonight is the premiere of Star Wars: X-wing Vs. Tie Fighter. I'll be watching with you !
  7. More Live Stream Grid Autosport Action.
  8. dudzfryd

    Grid Autosport Livestream fun!

    Been playing Grid Autosport the past few days. This is the latest and a test of my new stream settings.
  9. Benchmarking the Xeon old school rig with Rainbow 6 Siege!