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  1. https://realdudzfryd.blogspot.com The biggest boss battle yet in Part 2 of Path of Exile. The Brine King and the Marauder!
  2. https://realdudzfryd.blosgspot.com Beatin' up on the Bosses.... POE Puppet Mistress battle.
  3. https://realdudzfryd.blogspot.com A rematch of a popular PVP battle.
  4. https://realdudzfryd.blogspot.com One of many boss battles in Act 6 of Path of Exile.
  5. 2 rangers at the tidal pool in Path of Exile.
  6. Steamworld Dig!

    Steamworld Dig, a freebie from EA's On the House promotion from September 2017. Classic 2D side scroller.
  7. Kitava Versus The Ranger

    In Star Trek they call it the Kobayashi Maru test. IN Path of Exile it's called Kitava in Act 5...
  8. I tried everything in the Battlefront 2 beta I could find and hoped you got a feel for the UI and the gameplay experience. Check it out!
  9. Using OBS for Streaming is pretty straightforward but recording takes a bit of preparation which actually helps your stream settings as well! Check it out.
  10. A level 55 Ranger vs a level 53 Ranger. Both of them DeadEyes and both of them deadly. Who will win?
  11. Latest Path of Exile highlight video from the regular Saturday Night livestream event!
  12. My gamer buddy Shotglass gifted me a copy of WatchDogs 2. I never had the first game but the concept was very cool to me. So this was a real treat. This is my first attempt fumbling my way through the game.
  13. 2 of the races from Saturday Night's fun with Project Cars.
  14. Battlefield 4: Battlelog is going Bye Bye

    Finally EA is getting rid of Battlefield 4's Battlelog.  IMHO one of the worst things about the game.

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  15. Path of Exile is getting new content. 10 acts and more! Check my article :HERE