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  1. it's APEX time! Follow me on MIXER

  2. DopePopeFPS

    apex baby

    Not a Pro gamer but I try, Leaving Twitch to go back to Mixer
  3. Back on Mixer with some PUBG

    1. Legit_Dinosaur


      have a good time POPE! 

  4. More APEX Legends on

  5. Gamr update, back to some more APEX legends

  6. ROE time

  7. Potato aim is back with more APEX Legends

    1. Legit_Dinosaur



  8. More Potato Aimbots #Razerstreamer #Razerquest

  9. Potato aimbot activate #RazerStreamer

  10. Potato aimbot activate #RazerStreamer

  11. Potato aimbot activate #RazerStreamer

  12. going for more APEX wins

  13. Back from a short break with more APEX Legends

  14. APEX Legends Season 2 baby, Let's go!

  15. Overwatch Comp Time with the boys

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