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    Are there sites where you can buy cryptocurrency?
  2. What was your experience like in the stock market? All started in December, 2015 with having 35k in the pocket. It was the first day of trading so without having much knowledge I started searching for the stocks trading at 52 weeks low with an expectation that it is available at the depreciated price and is already bottomed up. Exited Catex Tech with 5% profit. Slowly 35k turned to 40 within a month. Profits were low on delivery basis so I started doing intraday, taking high leverages. All i was left with was 10k after 2 days which turned into zero within a week. I was literally stunned. It took me 7 months to fill my piggy bank and within 1.5 months i lost everything. At this time the only person came to my mind was my dad, rang him up and asked for some money but he refused as i’m small now and should focus on my studies rather than doing some stupid stuff. Later Grandma came to know about this. She called me & asked about the matter. Finally i convinced her for 1 lakh. That's it, i was just going gaga the whole day. But the smile on the face was shattered soon. March, 2016 hopefully this time I didn't lost all, was left with 900 rs. All I was thinking at that moment was about the trust on which my grandma gave me 1 lakh. No one knew about this loss except few friends. Life started to be boring there after, food was turned tasteless, i was lost somewhere in my own world. Sharing this experience with some people used to only end up with demotivation. I committed mistakes, I learnt! Every mistake came up with something new to learn.I paid a huge sum of money to come this far not to quit.Trading was my passion, i saw my future in it. It can't end this way. It was April, time to go back home after 6 long months. One fine day while having tea with mom-dad i started share’s topic and explained him what it actually is. That tea came up with huge price tag for him, agreed to giving me 3 lakh which i promised to return him after 1 month. I knew, either it will make my life or i don’t know what….was at the edge of my Life. It was 30th May,2016 i bought 2 lots(3000 shares) of Tata Motors shares @413 1 day before its q4 results as i was expecting a strong outcome. Sold it @451 the next day making 1.14 lakhs [I don't know why i shared this, only 5 people know about it with also my mom-dad ]. It was the happiest day of my life, I didn't made such an amount before. Never did Intraday the whole month, futures was only i was interested in now & after 1 month, was with a good 6 digit number in my bank account. Paid my dad back along with extra 30k ( this was a secret deal in which i agreed to pay 30k as an interest, he is a businessman so you can say that it was mostly a business deal). This interest stuff I wasn't allowed to share even with my mom -_- . Gifted him 4 more shirts, gave a saree to Grandma, skagen’s watch on sister’s B’day, 6s on Mom’s B’day all through my own earned money. Those scoldings i got from my mom after gifting her iphone would be the indelible memories stored somewhere in the corner of the heart which will help me cherish throughout my life. Always believe in yourself, your hard work pay off someday.
  3. Yeah, they eat a lot of electricity, but you can always charge them outside the house! You know that, right? My son has an electric bike, but he never charges it at home. I called Gordon powers ( https://gordonpowers.com.au/suburb/electrician-lane-cove/ ) to ask if it's ok to charge it at home, and they said that it is absolutely fine and safe to do this. I mean, it obviously eats more than the fridge or the stove, but nothing more. In the best-case scenario, he charges in the parking lot for electric cars. And that's it.
  4. Welcome to CGN.US. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others, and share your profile link!


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