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  1. Thanks for the follow!:thumbsup:

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  2. FOLLOWED, (by personal rule) ADDED to AUTO HOST https://cgn.us/dochawk29

  3. If you like MOBAs might give Paragon a spin.... Battleborn has really discounted lately and good play for the price.
  4. Taking a spin around CGN and found your profile....  had to stop by and say hello, hope all is well and catch your stream soon Hykiri.


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    1. zheck


      Updated both your profiles to the New Profile Page formats :)




    2. Hykiri
  5. Looking forward to my inaugural game of Squad....

  6. Thank you and everyone who helps out our Military Personnel. I hope gamers find a moment to promote the effort and consider dropping a game or two, OperationSupplyDrop.org.
  7. thanks the link to CGN. Started Walking Dead with the wife, will let you know how that goes....

    1. MAzing87


      Thats Great man. I hope she likes it. Have fun with that.

  8. Welcome to CGN, DocHawk29 :)

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