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  1. So been asking people what game they are really digging into this year.. what are yours? so far i've been really big into Fortnite, Destiny2, Rainbow Six Siege, and Pubg

  2. , CGN 8888c78a7f6aa85358189e7ee68fcb9c

    Giving away a Metro Conflict Closed Beta Key!
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    Winner will be announced Friday at midnight!! #Twitch #Mixer #GameDev

    metro conflict reshare.jpg

  3. I need to start streaming more... Can't wait until my work schedule can allow it again

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  4. Anyone have any suggestions on motherboards and CPUs ? Want to upgrade so i can play and stream more games. Budget is sub 500... debating about an amd ryzen 7 with a gigabyte board

  5. so... Looking to set up my first charity live stream (HallowStream 2017) For childs play. my biggest question is.   has anyone done a charity stream that can drop some of that sweet wisdom down on me about the best practices for one?? 

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    1. zheck


      Promote hard.
      Charity streams are a dime a dozen these days.

      So you really need to get the word out there and make sure people are aware of it.
      My best advise is that you start promoting it days in advance and in every stream you have before it starts.


      The more people that know, the more that will show up, and the better it will be :) 

      Good luck in your quest to help!

    2. DjSuperPanda - mixer

      DjSuperPanda - mixer

      thanks for the advice zheck :)

  6. Thanks EmmaJane. :)

    , EmmaJane91 4564bda85cafdb4ec093afc6cb8c8125

    Welcomee :D 

    1. EmmaJane91


      your very welcome hun!! :D 

  7. Hope everyone is having an awesome day/night! 

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  8. Welcome to CGN. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others, and share your profile link!

    http://cgn.us/DjSuperPanda - mixer

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