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  1. Hey everybody, just throwing out that my son is on stream right now owning some Team Fortress 2. 

    Go check him out at thegingerchannel on CGN and twitch. Help support a young mans dream of going pro! 

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  2. Hey everybody I know I've been silent for a long while now... But I'm back and better than ever! Married to my son's mother after all my travels and am with my son everyday. It was a long hard road and I'm really sorry I lost touch with this community. Zheck is the coolest and best programmer ive ever had the pleasure to meet. And I'm gonna come back in a storm of broadcasting and writing.

    Well anyways enough of that... I'm doing so well that I'll be returning to Broadcast Planetside 2 and also Empyrion:Galactic Survival. Don't know what it is? Come check it out. Think No Man's Sky but actually fun and with no disappointment. I will tell you for a game in Alpha, it's gonna be insane when it is official. And do i need to explain Planetside. This was my main broadcast from So please come say hi, And checkout a really cool game. Either on here , or twitch.tv/djspacepope if not I'm just glad to talk to the community again. 

    And I want to thank  UltraGirlTheShark for her CGN follow. It means alot to come back and be liked lol. Especially using this 

    Much love community can't wait to play more and build up a great industry 


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  3. Wow, alot of responses and alot of interesting things thoughts. Thankfully one way or another we can still help as a community to grow CGN whether we get rewarded or not. People are forgetting to just support small sites and streams if we want this world to grow.
  4. Well Hellooo CGN. So I've heard from certain unnamed sources, that this place is gaining people and membership . So how is the community these days? I certainly missed it alot. Any new streamers on here I should watch? And videos will be watched and uploaded lol. So yeah I'm glad to be back and see what this growing community can do. 

    Fellow Gamers You Should Be Proud of the strides forward we have taken in growing this very new, very cool form of entertainment. Gaming scholarships, and E-sports is finally making a mark, now its time to push gaming as a common form of entertainment via broadcasts and videos. E-sports is great and intense and there is nothing like watching a great gaming video. 

    Well see you soon

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  5. Hey guys, Im gonna broadcast on here and twitch in a moment. Come by say Hi if you. I've missed all my fellow broadcasters and viewers. Hope to see you. 






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    1. djspacepope


      oh its starts at 11 am EST

  6. Hey guys so I'm finally back. And back In a ton of ways, Im finally with my wife and son, im back to working and im back to broadcasting. One thing I regretted was losing touch with the CGN community. Zheck is the coolest and best programmer I've had the pleasure to meet. So here I'm back home at the place that started my writing career.

    So, today I'm going to play Empyrion Galactic Survival. We are starting the crash and seeing how far we can get. So if you can stop by say hi, and if you don't know the game check it out. Think no mans sky without the pretentiousness and the bitter disappointment. So check me out on here or on twitch.tv/djspacepope  it'll be starting around 12:45 est 

    Hope to see you!

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  7. ok so the broadcast got pushed back to 12:30

  8. WOOOOOO!!!! I DONT GIVE A ****!!!!!1

  9. Hey Everybody, Playing the classic game Shadowrun, never heard of it? Stop by, and check it out. 

    Should be very interesting...

    twitch.tv/djspacepope or right here on CGN!

  10. LAte Night Terraria Stream Guys. Check me out on here or twitch.tv/djspacepope. I found a good cavern and just now starting a livable house. Building up from there. Im brand new to the game so it will be an adventure. Come join in the experience!

  11. About to try and survive zombies. Come Watch me play Project Zomboid at 

    twitch.tv/djspacepope or right here on CGN

  12. Going Live in 5 Minutes. Playing the Fallout clone UnderRail, gonna push it!

  13. Hey everybody playing Terraria come watch me build and destroy a world

  14. Alright, game time.  Decided on Deus Ex. Join my stream at 7pm EST

  15. OK guys at 7pm EST Ill be playing Terraria. Trying it out for the first time

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