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  1. Check out my good friend VoicingAlloy 516 on Mixer https://mixer.com/VoicingAlloy516

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  2. Currently live doing open lobbies... Need more people for the party and stream snipers for fun fun fun...


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  3. Tonight I'm going to be streaming without an overlay... Man that's gonna feel weird... Still, servers must be maintained and all will be back to normal tomorrow... So just gonna go ahead and have fun fun fun without it, for the day... 😜

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  4. My first movie goes live in less than 1 minute... come check it out: 


  5. Fortnite on http://mixer.com/Diztructor tonight @ 7pm GMT... Gonna have some fun and troll the Open Lobbies, and Stream Snipers... 😜

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  6. Tonight at 6pm GMT, Fortnite Hits & Misses: The Movie premieres on Diztructor TV.

    Diztructor leads a band of brave fighters as they battle their way through the Fortnite Battle Royale island, searching for the mythical Victory Royale for one PokemonTamer26. Will they succeed? Find out in this feature presentation.

  7. Normally I go live on Mixer @ 7pm GMT, but today I will be up @ 4PM GMT. I will be playing Fortnite and it is open lobbies and stream snipers are always welcome, so come along and join in the fun. Follow me and I will follow you, plus I have a giveaway going on, once I reach 500 followers. http://mixer.com/Diztructor 

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  8. Now live on Fortnite on Mixer come join us.

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  9. Will the new challenges bring more laughs and failures, or will we get another win tonight? Find out later, live on http://mixer.com/Diztructor @ 7pm GMT. #FORTNITE

  10. Hey Barred, welcome to CGN... :D

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  11. Currently Live on Fortnite: https://mixer.com/Diztructor

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  12. Diztructor

    Fortnite Hits & Misses: Tops clips from Friends

    Thanks man, still on the learning curve, but I'm getting there.
  13. Diztructor

    Fortnite Happy New Year Event 2019

    Thanks man, you too
  14. Now live on Mixer, playing Fortnite with Open Lobbies and accepting Stream Snipers.

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  15. Hey you followed me, thanks. I will follow you in return.

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