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  2. @Casuallyjoyfulpeach Apparently my notifications were not going and I never caught it - THANKS SO MUCH and welcome to the BlueKrewElites - Elites get Exclusive Giveaways and Can game with my any day, not just the viewer game days! <3<3 #GameOn 

    1. BlueSuedeHaze


      Thanks for the Sub that is. In case you didn't know. 

  3. TrIgGeReD Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin
  4. How do you feel about the Olympics becoming an eSport? Lucas, Phil and Pino talk about the pros and cons, plus news on the upcoming BlazBlue X Tag Battle, Overwatch getting Deathmatch, and Rainbow Six and Final Fantasy XIV both hit some major milestones! Check out the latest episode of the GameItAll Podcast, we film every Friday Live on Youtube where the crew behind GameItAll.com talk about the news of the week.
  5. Our Written Review of Nidhogg 2 is live on our site! Find out what we thought about this bizarre fighting/party game.

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  7. Streaming PLAYERUNKOWN BATTLEGROUNDS come swing in and say "Hi." Maybe even leave a follow!


  8. Stream,#Callofdutybalckops3 right now on twitch,I appreciate everybody that stop by my stream, it mean a lot to me and keep following me, support me and join me to. Following me on twitch, twitter and cgn. Thanks y'all and keep being a rock star.😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  9. Well we are back with more Chicken greatness!! I had a great day off yesterday and took the time to relax and have some BBQ. Incase you are wondering, YES, I did have chicken for dinner yesterday and it was soooooo good. I am expecting to get at least 2 dinners tonight and to also at the very least finish in the top 10 every match. It can't be that hard to do. Don't forget to stop by the Channel Live tonight and Drop that 'LIKE' and Smash that 'SUB' button!!

    ---> Live Stream -- https://gaming.youtube.com/c/ThginkKcalb/live

    PUBG - 9.png

  10. Ok so PC HYPE! - I will be doing a test stream with Just PC tonight - The Cam hasn't arrived but I want to test my current pc audio settings - I will be playing L4D2 and possibly another steam game. 

                                If Anyone with OBS experience on Windows 10 feels like dropping by the chat I would appreciate experienced streamers around if I have any issues.  

    Stream will happen: When my toddler goes to dreamland. Sometime within the next 2 hours - 


                                Please be patient with schedule and stream changes as I am transitioning from XBOX1 streamer to Combined PC/XB1




    1. lilday13


      I'm so excited girl and congrats blue on urs new PC

    2. BlueSuedeHaze


      Thanks so much for all your support @lilday13 I couldn't have got it without the BlueKrew <3 Thanks to everyone for believing in me and my stream! 

  11. Excited that I will soon be working with an outlet that will allow me to write more opinion based pieces on the games industry!!


    More news to come

  12. We for real take on the Four #Pokemon Trainers of the Apocalypse (and hopefully win this time) #kappa 

  13. LIVE: [PC] Overbutts | Co-stream with @Saucy837 . #FriendshipIsMagic - http://www.mixer.com/MetalGamerGeek @cgndotus @playerdotme @PlayOverwatch 

  14. S'more Smite! Viewers welcome to join!


  15. Sorry for the lack of streams folks. I'm just going through a rough patch. Not gonna get to details but it's preventing to focus on streaming but I'm trying my best to get back if I can get my real life in a more stable position... Hope I can see you all soon again. I miss streaming so much :(

  16. I am live once again good fellers! https://mixer.com/ThatPunkGuyTVgiphy.gif

  17. Going Live http://twitch.tv/ashvau @GuildWars2 #TeamEmmmmsie #SupportSmallStreamers @TwitchSharer @WE_RTs #SPOCARMY #TeamSSG Changing It Up A Bit- Been awhile since I played GW2, Come watch me make a fool outta myself


  18. Taking a break I Shall return!

  19. No stream AGAIN tonight. Catch me tomorrow, 19:00 CST! All forms of hate mail welcome.

  20. Crossout - The Frame To Fame *Tons of Giveaways* LETS GO!!! https://www.twitch.tv/skullyonline

  21. Time to continue this adventure and see how many robots I can...help?
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  23. We be live in ~15 min! We'll start with #trialsfusion and then if I/we feel like it, we'll move on to something else. @VoftheA @WatchMixer

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