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  2. Welcome to CGN. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others, and share your profile link!


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  4. 5:42 sheesh! i need to sleep, got into the game and what a game!

    Image result for kholat

    i can see the frustrations in some of the reviews mentions.  but you do get the hang of it and really get into it, its curiosity of it all is great feels, the creep feels, i read one review someone compared the enemies to a baby kitten. well if thats a baby kitten its a NOPE KITTEN!! ok?  nope lots of questions and curiosity.  

    google Dyatlov pass incident.  look the documentaries up on youtube you would be like whaaaaat??

    VERY interesting and curious for sure. probably boring game to stream as it is very easy to get lost, you have NOTHING to idea where you are on the map, you have a compass which awesome i learned how to read a compass playing this game haha and you have a map with coordinates  thats all..  and a flashlight.  

    enemies of smoke you better run! watch for falling rocks and you can die at any given time so dont explore too much in certain locations. over all so far i am really enjoying it, however i might play between saves before streaming or just recording the rest to youtube so that way im not running a 4 hour video stream or 20 parts to the game for a playlist, i'll be able to know what to do before hand haha. thats my editing skill.  

    def check it out.  at least the story on the net.  to this day remains a mystery.

    first 15 min gameplay,  Sean Bean narrates it, throughout the game and i cant say no more ;) "ned stark (Game of thrones)

    tells the actual story of the game in the beginning


  5. Quest Monday Then grind. Usual staff!!!

  6. Bass. I love the smell of Rocksmith in the mornin'...


  7. Heee everyone, who plays Rocket League and want to play some games with me sometime?

  8. I honestly cannot believe I won the vote! To everyone that was against me in this friendly race, I truly wish you the best! Everyone that voted in this, please give them a follow as well. When I first joined CGN I remember wanting to just be nominated, much less win. I know I don't join the conversations much and mostly lurk, but CGN will always be supported by me. I can never say a bad word about this place, and I tell everyone in my stream to check this place out. Thanks everyone for believing in me, and in Hykiri Nation!

  9. 2.083 / FTL - We take the torus for a spin & Rain World Pt3 - We enter a new sector with a new companion... https://www.twitch.tv/videos/137750923


  10. Tonight's stream was amazing! We had a raid from @IRollinSweets , five new followers added to the BlueKrew, a $20 donation to the GoFundMe for Darian, and one $10 donation for the stream. I played some RedDead and got mvp 100+ points on an attrition before being slaughtered on other games. I am always excited to see the stream grow and am having a blast with all my new friends. Thanks for hanging out @Rayn3Cl0ud @the_vis @lilday13 @DemagogicGaming and so many others. You are all amazing! Tomorrow is the rematch 1v1 vs L4D2 w) @Billthehunter, see you then! #GameOn

  11. <3

    Snarf Gaming (BrittanyM) just reached her 200 Subscriber Goal. She's doing a 200 Subscriber Giveaway!

    Enter here ~ https://wn.nr/KGjCKR



  12. Hey there everyone - I've been a little burned out lately, so I've not been making any vids or streaming at all recently, but soon I think I'll be ready to fire up the ol' Sony Vegas Pro again and hit up some twitch madness for more funtime

    If there are any requests for videos or games you'd like to see covered, let me know ;)

    Twitter Gif.gif

  13. going to make this for my headset! because I CAN CROCHET!  oh yes im gonna do it. i miss my hats & whatnot from my photography days of being a high school photographer. had to make the unthrilled kids smile somehow 1..2..3 SMILE! I was even threatened by some 16 yr old kid that he was going to sue me for making him smile in his personality portraits haha ahhh your doomed!  but yeah i found a project i gotta do it soon!



    http://twitch.tv/xQueenMalice   be there or be square! new game! 


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    2. QueenMalice


      oh yeah im direct hit from AC vent and fan haha.  as my tattoo studio is now my game room as well..  

      i will be doing both soon. (creative/charities/fun)  it has to be cool in here because i get pretty dang hot when i work.  if you have tattoos, ever wonder why their shops are so effin cold??   yep.  lol i do! xD i am anxious to find a pattern. tho looking at it i can wing it (mom taught me)  i think this would be really groovy.  not much heat to them, its just a cover over. im wearing a wooly hat right now because it helps keep my head behind my ears from getting squished by the mic because i wear glasses and its very uncomfortable! 

    3. DemagogicGaming


      Nice. But I always have a hot room, so I always either have the window open, AC on, or fans blowing at me.


      I can't wait to see the finished product.  How long do you think it will take you ?

    4. QueenMalice


      depends on my focus lol maybe a day or some hours if i actually do it without interruption or distractions. i have so much to do or want to do i just end up not getting anything done lol soon as i find a pattern i might work on it. once i start i gotta keep going so i will be able to use the mic by my next stream haha unless i use the kids mic in mean time

  14. gonna be on and off streaming in the middle of remodeling and moving into a house  then will go back to 5 days again.

  15. Great streaming day today. Thank you all who turned up to hang out for a bit! I'll be back at it again tomorrow at 4 pm Pacific to continue my game of the week: #yooka-laylee

  16. Thank you all for 200 subs on youtube! Giveaway has started! 


    1. DemagogicGaming



      Snarf Gaming (BrittanyM) just reached her 200 Subscriber Goal. She's doing a 200 Subscriber Giveaway!


      Enter here ~ https://wn.nr/KGjCKR



  17. Going live in about 15 minutes! Twitch.tv/BlueSuedeHaze 

  18. Hey thanks for the follow! If you can please check out my twitch channel as well! www.twitch.tv/manynuggets345. Ill be sure to check you out and give a follow also!

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