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  1. Woah gamer guys and gals. Part 4 of my highlighted playthrough of Game Grumps Dream Daddy is up now! Check it out if you want.



  2. Hey guys! part 3 of my shortened highlights video of Game Grumps' Dream Daddy is now on youtube! Check it out while you take your abnormally long work poops!


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  3. 2nd highlight video of my twitch play through of dream daddy is up now on youtube! why not check it out while you make a poop? New to video editing at least with this aspect of it, so any pointers are welcome! Thanks Gamers.

    much love,



  4. Hey all! I've finished editing my first YOUTUBE video. I'm not great at it, But if you got pointers or want to help on future ones let me know! anyway, here you go https://youtu.be/UXakc_jFP60

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  5. Alright guys! Today's Retro play theme is Cartoons! Decide the source of my rage today by voting for what game I play! 

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  6. Alright gamer guys and gals, it's time to pick a new retro game of the week for today. What's it gonna be?
    #twitch #cgn #RetroGamer #retrogaming #SuperNintendo #snes #salty #comedy #streamer

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    1. DerpQuest


      Here actually 


  7. good golly heyzues crust thanks for the follow on here!

    If you get so,e ti,e and want to stalk me on other stuff you can do that here! Https//Twitch.tv/derpquest

  8. It's retro sunday!
    Web slinging my way though
    SpiderMan & Venom: Maximum Carnage for SEGA!
    Come hang out with a
    salty comedy streamer! We are so close to 500!



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  9. Alright gamers!
    It's time for another
    RetroGaming beatdown!
    today I'm taking on
    Prince of Persia on the SEGA Genesis!
    Let's get our
    DerpQuest112.png on!


    #retro #RetroGamer #SEGAForever #OldSchool #twitch #cgn #derpquest #JakeGyllenhaalonlydidanOKjob  

  10. Let's get groovy 
    Part 2 of Evil Dead Regeneration on PS2 starts now.
    So close to 500! Come join the polygon
    gore and violence and help me get there!


    #retrogaming #retrogamer #thisismyboomstick #ashvsevildead #twitch #cgn @GroovyBruce #comedy #salt

  11. Hey all! Last #live broadcast on #twitch til after #xmas 
    Let's get into the holiday spirit & play some
    #jackboxgames together!
    #santa has come early! I have 7 different #steam cards to giveaway!


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  12. Hey you sexy gamers
    You've got a friend in me, because im going #live right meow with
    ToyStory on snes 
    only on #twitch !
    be there!

    #cgn #twitchstreamer #Retro #retrogaming #Nintendo #SuperNintendo #CGNews #derpquest #SupportSmallStreamers 

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  13. Hey! thanks for the follow on here!

    If you ever get the time. Come visit me on twitch at https://twitch.tv/derpquest

    I'm on nearly everyday!


  14. Hey! 

    Thanks for the follow on here! I like that gobble de dook.

    If you get a chance, stop by my twitch sometime at https://twitcht.v/derpquest

    I play lots of Sega Gen, and SNES as well as a new campaign game every week or two.

    Fun junk!

    Have a good one


    1. dillpickles


       hey man thanks for the follow!I would appreciate a follow back and on my channel www.twitch.tv/manynuggets345! just followed yours btw :)

  15. Hey! Thanks much for the follow on here!

    If you ever get the chance, stop by my twitch sometime for some salty, game rage, fun time!


    I'm on almost everyday yelling through some campaign or another, and on weekends doing the same through retro Genesis and SNES titles!

    hope to see you soon!