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    I'm trying to get to 100 YouTube subscribers. If you could help me in this goal, I would appreciate it a lot. Let me know if there's anything I can do to help you.

    ~ Dema

  2. Thanks everyone. Does anybody know of any good free editing software ? And what recording software does everyone use ? Free, or paid. I don't have the money for paid , but I'm still curious.
  3. I would like your advice, if you could. I'm going to be changing the way I produce videos, due to the limit of internet bandwidth that I currently have. I'm poor, and I can't upload long videos, because it takes too long, it gets corrupted, etc. If I was to continue producing benchmarks for video games, would you click on a video if it was 1 minute long, 1 minute 30 seconds long, 2 minutes long, 2 minutes 30 seconds long, or 3 minutes long. It will be quality content, no matter it's lenth, I would just like your advice on how long you like videos, or benchmarks to be, and what length of video turns you away from even clicking on a video ? Thank-you for your support. I really would appreciate your attention, and feedback. Have a wonderful week ! : )


    1. DemagogicGaming


      length*   :P


    2. Gaeas_Freikugel


      I can't really offer advice since I don't upload videos myself and at the same time i've not been diligently watching videos say on youtube much. :P First of all sorry to hear your connection has been poor, for a lot of us that has been the case. :/

      However, the length of the video shouldn't matter as long as you get your point across or you're satisfied with the content you put across. I'm sure you're like myself where you always get ideas to put MORE content in your videos/projects. I say try to be succinct when making your videos at current until your connection improves and at the same time try and put what you can in them that you and your viewers will enjoy that content. :)

    3. DemagogicGaming


      Thanks Gaeas_Freikugel :)

      Thats some of the most thoughtful feedback I've received in awhile.

      I think I'm going to aim for giving really good content to viewers in 3 minutes, soft max, and a little over if it s benchmark that needs 4 minutes.

      Thanks for your input. <3


  4. I would love to be promoted by other CGN YouTube Channels, and to promote other fellow CGN YouTube Channels. Here is my YouTube channel Let me know if you have room on your YouTube Channel to promote me, then I'll verify that you did by looking at your channel, then I'll return the favor. You can then verify that I did, and if you think I didn't, send me a message on here. If I don't respond, then unpromote me.
  5. I subscribed to everyone on this thread. It took awhile, but it's worth the support this community provides each other. Please return the favor and subscribe to my channel. All my subscriptions are public, so you'll see that my word is my bond. If I missed you by mistake, let me know, and I'll subscribe immediately upon realizing this.
  6. Do you have another copy of it ? I'm also very poor. I have less than $30 to my name.
  7. Here is my YouTube Channel ~ Demagogic Gaming Demagogic YouTube Gaming Channel Can we please update the list ? I'm subscribing to everyone that has posted here. My subscriptions are public, so will know if I subscribed to you.
  8. Messerschmitt BF 109 ~ Turn Subtitles On

    Please give me any feedback on my video
  9. Thanks for responding, the two of you I'm excited for the countdown of the New Year. I don't usually get this excited over it, but I've gone all festive this Holiday Season. Love you Both
  10. Ahaha, Thank-you. That's HUGE. How did you make it appear so big ? You also did what would be rude for me to do, which is blow it up to enormous proportions. I like that you did though. That's impressive. Enjoy your day !
  11. Welcome ResonantDrifter ! We share the same home state, Minnesnowta.
  12. Personally I like either First-Person-Shooters, Very Emotional Storylines, or silly games like Hope you guys ate some great food over the weekend ! I enjoyed eating some wine-cheese, pumpkin pie, and sparkling juice.
  13. Hiya everyone ! I'm " Dema " , and my YouTube Channel is Demagogic Gaming. My interests include : Weightlifting Swimming Listening Talking Helping others, and myself achieve healthy goals Saunas Emotional Anything, whether that be Anime, Music, Gaming, Movies, etc. My YouTube Video ~ Demagogic Gaming Video As part of my introduction, I'll introduce you to one of my videos, so you get an additional image into the type of person that I am. Additionally, please feel free to leave any comments, whether constructive, positive, etc. I feel that the internet can be a cold place sometimes, and the worst outcome is being completely ignored. Give a like, or a share, or subscribe to help me out, if you like my content, and you think I'll positively impact others. My YouTube Video ~ Demagogic Gaming Video
  14. Hiya Everyone,

    I am a new YouTuber, who needs your help. Watch a video, give a like, share a video, give me a comment that will help me create something better in the future.

    I'm the content creator behind " Demagogic Gaming " , which is a YouTube channel that I've been developing.

    I find it's cold out here, in the dark deep web, when noone comments on your videos, etc.

    How can I get better if nobody throws insults, complements, anything my way ?  :P

    Anyways, that's my introduction. Please welcome me to this site. I'm warm, receptive, and give help back as good as I get it.

    If you can help me, I'll do my best to help you.

    Hope you're all having a warm, loving, Holiday season !  :)

    P.S. Here's one of my videos. I thought I would start off with showcasing one video, just to give you a glimpse into who I am.

    League of Legends 1080p Benchmark (8350/10606GB) ~ Demagogic Gaming YouTube Channel

  15. Welcome to CGN. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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      Any advice on how to get to where I can make a custom signature ?  I've tried searching for it, but have been unsuccessful so far.

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