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  1. Live! beware the Overwatch Raptor! Come chill a bit!


  2. Live! Playing Ballistic Overkill again today! Come join the madness.

  3. Surprise Sunday stream! Playing Ballistic Overkill. Come chill in the Raptor's Den.

  4. Going Live! Playing some Overwatch today. Come Chill and chat in the Raptor's Den!

  5. Live W/ Friends! Playing some Rocket League. Come chill and chat in the Raptor's Den!

  6. Going live! Stop by and say hey. Base building/ missions on Arma 3 Exile mod.

  7. Thanks for the follow!! :)

  8. Thanks for following me! Make sure to follow me on my twitter: for updates also, and my Twitch:

  9. Thanks for the follow

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      Thanks to you as well!

  10. Live from the Raptor's Den! Come chill and chat! Playing Overwatch.

  11. Will be streaming some H1Z1: KOTH around 5:30-EST. It's my frist time playing the game so I may get annihilated, but it'll be fun! Come watch!

  12. Welcome to CGN. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.