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  1. Now Live Streaming Tower Unite on Twitch.  Going for Twitch Affiliate




  2. My streams mostly focus on RPG's/ JRPG's such as the Neptunia and Senran Kagura games and other anime related games for the most part. I also stream some other games such as Resident Evil or any other games that i find interesting. Feel free to type in the chat and i will try to answer any questions if i can and will answer any questions about me as long as i feel comfortable answering them.
  3. Fighting tentacle monsters in the new DLC whilst dealing with new DLC bugs.
  4. Now Live Streaming Resident Evil 2 on Twitch.  Going for Twitch Affiliate



    1. Legit_Dinosaur


      AIM IS SOO BAD! 

    2. DeathLock666


      My AIM is not that bad.


    3. Legit_Dinosaur


      You got better... for a second 

  5. Now Live Streaming Nioh on Twitch.  Going for Twitch Affiliate


    1. Legit_Dinosaur


      Owo! first post iv seen of you! 

  6. Getting the Kingmaker and getting the land for our new kingdom.
  7. Now Live Streaming Borderlands 2 on Twitch 

  8. Now Live streaming Tower Unite on Twitch 

  9. Starting the new neptunia game, learning the controls and the combat system as well as getting Blanc and Noire to join the party. im also powerful because the DLC i got but the weapons don't be the best for that long at least for Neptune that is.
  10. Now Live streaming the new Neptunia game Super Neptunia RPG on Twitch


  11. Event planned for the 20th over on my twitch channel for the newly released Super Neptunia RPG hope to see people in the chat on the day. the time of the event to start is whenever i can play the game and when i am ready to play i will do a announcement for it her and on twitter and on discord.




  12. Well got Fable Anniversary to 100% should have done this before neptunia re;birth 2 but i got it today because i wanted to get the last achievement to bring up my average and to have 100% on a game that i could spend days playing. i could do that with neptunia games as well but  neptunia games are games you just loose track of time so you end up playing for like 8 hours or more .




  13. Now #Live streaming Fable Anniversary and trying to get the last achievement for the dolls i have to collect  #Twitch


    1. Legit_Dinosaur


      It was a good stream! 

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