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  1. Let's Play: The Walking Dead Season 2 - Part 3 - Good Guy Sam https://https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aRxcbLgOfMc

  2. I am getting them both for my birthday on the 19th but i want to know what you guys the cgn community think about these games , should i be super excited ? Tell me what you guys think -DeathZen
  3. Let's Play: The Walking Dead Season 2 - Part 2 - Well That Was Fast https://https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FrSwsKBt6Pc

  4. I am more than excited to play/record this game when it comes out , anybody else really hyped for this?? The fall out series has always been a great experience for me . - DeathZen
  5. alright cool dude , we are gonna kill it !
  6. well at first you are able to choose between 3 'classes ' Warlock , Titan , and Hunter you can have all 3 and try to max out there lvls (40 max) but you start off on earth and you are trying to get a ship so you can travel to other planets . they have a really cool thing called strikes but you have to be a certain level to do them but they help you find rare guns and armor also you have a chance to get exotic armor and guns as well as legendary armor / guns . what you really want to do is focus on building your light ( a combination of your attack and defense ) the higher your light the better you will do on missions and on pvp . Good luck and i hope you have fun, you can add me on psn if you need any help im more then able to party up and help you with missions strikes raids ect, add me if you would like my gamer tag is - BrandonBurton22 hope i helped .
  7. my whole life it was pokemon on the gameboy , i never really got the chance to play the ds versions of the game but my all time favorite
  8. Just finish the game and enjoy , its such a great game . after you get to lvl 40 then you can do well on the pvp(crucible ) hope you enjoy the game man well worth the money !
  9. Welcome to CGN, Death Zen :)

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