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  1. Who's downloading the For Honor free trial this weekend?

  2. I liked the other layout better.


  3. I'd watch this movie.


  4. My work sells these now and they run for a good $110 but I need one anyway.


  5. I have so many games in my PS, Xbox, Nintendo and Steam libraries that I should be good for the rest of the year and wont have to worry about having nothing to play....

    *5 seconds later*

    ....I have nothing to play FeelsBadMan.

  6. Who preordered one already?
  7. If anyone is curious about an update to the missing streamer post I made last night, she was apparently fine the entire time. Needed a day to "disconnect" apparently which meant playing poker and missing her scheduled E3 panels.

  8. So apparently there's a Twitch streamer that's been missing for over 24 hours at this point now. If you're at E3 and have any information, the people to contact can be found in this link


    1. zheck


      Thanks for making us aware!

  9. Every Sonic the Hedgehog game in existence lol.
  10. Out of everything shown so far at E3 this year, I'm more hyped for:

    Project Cars 2

    Forza 7

    Original Xbox games being played on the One

    The Spidey game on PS4

    Sonic Forces

    Most of the stuff shown on the Switch, in which I now need one lol.

  11. They better add the NFL Fever games on there at some point.
  12. Mortal Kombat X time! First playthrough!

  13. They say it's not truly F2P but a trial with an unlimited time limit and access to everything. Only thing you can't play is the co-op story missions.
  14. Goldeneye
  15. I'm gonna try and get all the fighting games with the campaigns out of the way then finish up Saints Row IV, lol.