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  1. Another monday, Another Indie. Going live soon with an Indie game called Shank. haven't played it before, but I had the game for some time. bout that time to try it ous an see what it's about 


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  2. When your not feeling too god, but you still want to play video games even tho your sick -_-

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    1. zheck


      I feel ya, when I'm sick.
      All I want to do is play video games

  3. Canceling stream for today. Sorry everyone, but I need more time to get things Prepared for my Star Ocean Marathon. also keep in mind that only the 1st 2 games are going to be emulated (seeing it's on PSP) the other is on my PS4. I'll let you guys know by tomorrow when all ready.

  4. I still need time to setup, but I'll be live in about 20mins. I recently bought Beyond Eyes and gonna try the game out and see what it's all about. afterwards I'll also be playing some Spacelords so for those that have Spacelords and wants to squad up feel free to ask and I'll add you. 


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  5. Hello. Thank you for the follow. Much appreciated 🙂 

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  6. I appreciate those who have came by and spent time with me o stream and checked out Degrees of Separation. for anyone that missed out  I'll be sure to put it in my collections in case. Like I did with my other adventures with the previous Games. Speaking of which I'll be posting collections of my Past adventures on twitch. so for starters. my first adventures with Seasons after Fall. a Really well creative Indie game where your playing as a fox wondering around the forest gtaining the power of seasons 



    1. Foxboxunion


      I am excited to play this later, I will need to check out the seasons of separation as I have had that on my radar. Have you seen the game Owl and rabbit?  

    2. DCTheFoxGamer


      Owel and Rabbit? I never heard of it until you mention. what's it about? also degrees of separation is a beautiful Indie game with nice storytelling. I think you'll like it. 

  7. Going live in 15mins. I'll be playing Degrees of Separation for the first time. idk what the game is about but I can tell you this...it looks so gorgeous 


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  8. DCTheFoxGamer

    Degrees of Separation Video Game

    So I found a new Game that released not too long ago called Degrees of Separation. I've only played bits and pieces of the Game, but I plan to stream it later today. I can say one thing about the Game...and that's the Game looks so gorgeous and get a good story telling. I'm looking forward to get to know the game as I play it
  9. Hello Quenn. Thanks for the follow. much appreciated 🙂

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    1. QueenMami0405


      my pleasure 

  10. Going live in 10mins with more KH3. been doing some ridicolous grinding lately with both characters and gummis but now time to progress the game 


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  11. DCTheFoxGamer


    Yea that's Understandable , but when you have a squad the queue time is pretty fast
  12. DCTheFoxGamer


    It's really fun game to play with friends. and you get stronger as you progress and and the enemies gets alot tougher as your MMR goes higher
  13. Hello. thank you fo following 🙂

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    1. Foxboxunion


      welcome love the pfp 

  14. Thank you for the follow...I hope we can be friends 🙂 

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  15. Thank you for following 🙂

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