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  1. Witcher series playthrough continues tonight at around 7:30 PM EST. be sure to stop by and say what's up and see how far Geralt and Company have come!




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  2. Twitch.tv/dankterror


    tonight (around 8pm EST) will be the first stream under my new name. Please come by for the launch of a new era. Thank you for your support CGN. I will do my best to be a part of this community again and apologize for my lack there of in the past.


    have a good one folks <3


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  3. Hey everyone I know it has been a while. I just wanted to let everyone know that O have changed my name on twitch and thus, my URL has changed. It is the EXACT SAME CHANNEL. Nothing has changed. At all. My old username was DarkTerror99. It is now DankTerror.


    I can be found at Twitch.tv/dankterror


    thank you and hope to see some pretty faces!!

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    1. zheck


      Nice! :D 

      We changed ours as well 


  4. Merry Christmas everyone. Have a safe holiday and enjoy the time with your families.

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  5. Back into the wild world of Dota 2 for more #Seven

    The dawn of a new era is upon us, and boy does it look bright!

    Come hang out and learn you something! I am open to questions that you have and will answer them to the best of my ability!




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  6. The #Strazraid was amazing last night @eestraz you rock man. Senpai approves :3

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    1. Sikpanzer


      Good old Straz. P.S. That guy rocks the bass guitar.

  7. well,

    Dota 2 Version 7.00 is out in the test client

    new hero, new ui, new god damned everything

    what is my life and why am I here?

    come hang out twitch.tv/darkterror99


    I am both terrified and slightly aroused...which can be thought of as exciting...I think

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  8. Good morning everyone! How is this snowy Saturday shaping up for everyone?

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    1. L337N006


      Well not snowing here yet im in north carolina.

    2. Gaeas_Freikugel


      Don't jinx it for us here in the UK. We get one inch of snow, EVERYTHING stops. :giggle:

    3. Jakyna


      I hate snow but I will still say hope you get an awesome day!.. cause snow is going to melt eventually... hopefully... hopefully and the warm summer days will be bakc :):p 

  9. nice turn out

    surprise host from @Gamerchick4ever and it was amazing <3

    now we are hosting @arefxwho is playing the witcher 3!

    go check him out with us! twitch.tv/arefx

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  10. well hello there you fine, glorious, wonderful people

    I am currently Grinderino in the Division on PC

    if you want to you (which i'm sure you do...) you can click here:


    and again, if you enjoy the show, be sure to drop a follow and thank you in advance for any support you great folks send me way

    <3 Dark

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  11. First time heading into the Dark Zone....



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  12. Anyone here want to do some questing on The division on PC? I am level 15

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  13. live with that Divison Grinderino

    Make our post office great again!



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  14. So i used to talk a lot of crap about The Division...

    This game is freaking amazing. I am absolutely addicted.

    live with more tonight with heavy Noob's eye view commentary

    be sure to stop by :D<3 Twitch.tv/darkterror99

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    2. Sikpanzer


      I had PSO for the original xbox. Oh my god. Not usually my cup of tea but for some reason I got addicted.

    3. DanksterTV


      I had it on Dreamcast, gamecube, then x box. Then blue burst on pc. I could probably drop another 10K hours into again if i wasn't employed full-time and married lol

    4. DanksterTV


      Also Panzer, it is the rythmic "WUM WUM WUM" of photon weapons that keeps one coming back lol

  15. Live playing The Division on PC!


    ....ahem so yeah. if you want to come hang out and chat be sure to!

    CLICK HERE PLEASE!! (That's my link...heh..)

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