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  1. hey guys cym999 here, ive been thinking a bit, is it posible to beat minecraft with only loot from chests, this means everything from armor, to food, and everything in between has to come from a chest that is pre gennerated into the world, and i have to survive and beat the game (ie enderdragon) with this restrictions, the only non chest based coletion im aloud to do is cobble, dirt, and netherrack, collecting loot from farms may be alowed if food/nether wart becomes issue, ontop of that mob drops are alloud as its neary imposible to avoid colecting them, at the start of the stream tomarow ill be showing off my solo creative build before jumping head first into the chalange... it may become hardcore, and if it does, donations can and will, for exsact amount cause me  to have to do things to make it harder, so lets see if its posible to limit myself this much and still win minecraft, oh and heres a teaser to my mega build, this was a side thing in the 4 hours of building


  2. todays stream is posponed untill further notice due to a technecle issue, still feel free to check out the merchstore


  3. HELLO HINTERNET! we got ourselfs some tasty streams coming up at 12 EST today, im fealing more minecraft, but who knows, maybe it will be somthing else, maybe ill go on a MP game, maybe, ll just chat, only way to find out, is to come bye, and say hi, 



    suport me at streamlabs.com/cym9999





    1. cym999


      just FYI the streamlabs link i gave is wrong

      working link 



      merch also avalible there tweet @cym999 with the merch if you get somthing


  4. stream one done, stream 2 comming later this afternoon, what game? probly LoL or more minecraft, not sure



  5. good morning cgn and twitter!  todays livestream, is continuing the skyfactory 4 adventure! feel fre to help with tips and donations aas both would be helpfull




    livestream starts around noon EST

  6. hey hey guys, cym999 here, planing on streaming some modded minecraft, what modpack sould i use and from what launcher? please no trolls, if none are selected by 6PM EST, ill pick one myelf, come stop by, and if theres a good server for it, maybe ill play with veiwers

  7. hey hey hey guys cym999 back from the dead, havent uploaded or recorded or streamed in a bit, due to a triible sore throat, but im finaly getting over it, so its stream time! just gona hang out, chill, chat, and play minecraft in the background as i basicly podcast for a bit, remeber guys to come by at twitch.tv/cym9999 and donations are very much welcomed


  8. im going to try to stream a bit today, but if i dont seem, energetic, its depression, so dont mind it, remeber, got cool merch shit  https://streamlabs.com/cym9999/#/merch


    and come check out the stream at twitch.tv/cym9999

     donations would be a life saver,

    but not needed...

  9. sorry guys, but i havent streamed or anything, cause, well, i cant, im flat broke, i got nothing, guess its time to try and sell shit to make a little monney to survive for a week or 2.... sorry...

  10. LIVE NOW! paladins with friends




    1. Legit_Dinosaur


      Hope you had a good time being live! 
      How are you finding Paladins? 

  11. welp, its finaly come down to this....



    1. Legit_Dinosaur


      Down to waht? twitch? 

  12. today, DLIVE event
    stream: i love this game

    game: Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain


    come join, have fun, chill chat hang out


    (earn stuff!)


    1. Legit_Dinosaur


      I thought you stopped using dlive? 

  13. GOOD MORNING CGN! there is a evvent on dlive today, witch is one of my many streaming platfornms rn, where not only can streamers win prizes but so can veiwers, with some prises being for veiwers, PS4, or beats wirelessheadphones, and the streamers, up to 250 USD on the last hour of the event for most active, and top creator on the rise event starts noon EST or 9am PST and ends at 6EST or 3PST come join the fun, and win some stuff, im cym999 on dlive or just hang out in twitch

  14. doing stream setup now, come stop by and say hi early if yah want, reminder, today's stream is (i wanna be the ninja) Fortnite


    come join of yah want



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    2. Legit_Dinosaur


      So you want to be known as the god of fortnite? 

    3. cym999


      no just wana be good

    4. Legit_Dinosaur
  15. good morning CGN and TWITTER! going to be going live here in an hour so stay tuned for (I wanna be the ninja) Fortnite! 


    live at twitch.tv/cym9999 !


    multistreaming with restream.io to



    and dlive.tv/cym999

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