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  1. we gona be livestreaming again later today to try and save my internet, come stop by, say hi, donate if you want


    1. Legit_Dinosaur


      I hope the donations are going well bud 

  2. hey guys Cym999 here, gona be streaming some minecraft, and charity! rasing monney for the thirst project so come by, say hi and donate to help make wells for people who dont have clean water



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  3. Live after a bit of an acsedent, playing minecraft! come watch!

  4. So i got a question, what is it that people would like to see pre recorded?

    1. minecraft?

    2. older games with nostalga like wind waker?

    3. somthing uniqe? like a indie game?


    and 2nd question


    witch will youtube like more?

    A. unsensored,

    B. unsensored... after the first min?

    C. censor that B***

    D. just dont say bad words

    reply in the comments cause i want to do somthing fun, and somthing that people will also have fun with. 


    and also, i dont have high end PC so games, that require high end systems, aint happning, right now

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    2. Legit_Dinosaur


      you could of just said not my style and put and end to it I guess hahaha 
      and yes! why play games? you never answered that one 

    3. cym999


      cause i love games, ive grown up playing games, and will always play games, this i share my pasionwith the world via youtube and streams

    4. Legit_Dinosaur


      Alright then... so there is no chance of you doing other things then playing games? 


    let the chos of hardcore minecraft with donations to fight me, ensue

    donate at 


  6. gona be streaming some hardcore minecraft today, and donations will be going to charity, to mess me up at trying to beat the game


    starting at 2 PM EST

    come join, enjoy the show, donate if you want,

  7. the day dawns and its time to see, how much of minecraft you can complete using only chest loot, from food to mats, i will be sing if its posible to beat the game, from start to end (literealy) with only chest loot, the rules will be clear in todays livestream at twitch.tv/cym9999logo.thumb.png.e4ef095d9e4b6fe244fec5ce5ddd994a.png

    1. Legit_Dinosaur


      Your link in your post does not work 

  8. hey guys cym999 here, ive been thinking a bit, is it posible to beat minecraft with only loot from chests, this means everything from armor, to food, and everything in between has to come from a chest that is pre gennerated into the world, and i have to survive and beat the game (ie enderdragon) with this restrictions, the only non chest based coletion im aloud to do is cobble, dirt, and netherrack, collecting loot from farms may be alowed if food/nether wart becomes issue, ontop of that mob drops are alloud as its neary imposible to avoid colecting them, at the start of the stream tomarow ill be showing off my solo creative build before jumping head first into the chalange... it may become hardcore, and if it does, donations can and will, for exsact amount cause me  to have to do things to make it harder, so lets see if its posible to limit myself this much and still win minecraft, oh and heres a teaser to my mega build, this was a side thing in the 4 hours of building


  9. todays stream is posponed untill further notice due to a technecle issue, still feel free to check out the merchstore


  10. HELLO HINTERNET! we got ourselfs some tasty streams coming up at 12 EST today, im fealing more minecraft, but who knows, maybe it will be somthing else, maybe ill go on a MP game, maybe, ll just chat, only way to find out, is to come bye, and say hi, 



    suport me at streamlabs.com/cym9999





    1. cym999


      just FYI the streamlabs link i gave is wrong

      working link 



      merch also avalible there tweet @cym999 with the merch if you get somthing


  11. stream one done, stream 2 comming later this afternoon, what game? probly LoL or more minecraft, not sure



  12. good morning cgn and twitter!  todays livestream, is continuing the skyfactory 4 adventure! feel fre to help with tips and donations aas both would be helpfull




    livestream starts around noon EST

  13. hey hey guys, cym999 here, planing on streaming some modded minecraft, what modpack sould i use and from what launcher? please no trolls, if none are selected by 6PM EST, ill pick one myelf, come stop by, and if theres a good server for it, maybe ill play with veiwers

  14. hey hey hey guys cym999 back from the dead, havent uploaded or recorded or streamed in a bit, due to a triible sore throat, but im finaly getting over it, so its stream time! just gona hang out, chill, chat, and play minecraft in the background as i basicly podcast for a bit, remeber guys to come by at twitch.tv/cym9999 and donations are very much welcomed


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