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  1. Evening . Got a announcement, Tomorrow I'm starting my new job and will be taking  a few days from streaming. Get use to the changes. Will afresh start with me as well

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  2. Hate slow Sunday. But  day most  go.  Planing to do Fallout 76 at https://mixer.com/Cybercheetah,  Try it easy and work on some new things as well. starting in 10 min

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  3. Evening everyone.  Hoping everyone  Saturday night. this week been well and stuff.  Tonight stream going be playing  darksider 3. starting in 10 min   https://mixer.com/Cybercheetah

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  4. Evening. I'm doing well to night. Taking is easy well.  Finishing up preset tomorrow stream of darksider 3. Dont know what  tiem I'm starting tomorrow. as yet.  The weekend are ify for me 

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  5. Good moring guys. Hoping the moreing  doing well. For today would be Exploring Appalachiain. on a Side note Got my plans set for this weekend stream as well. Grab your  Ridaway and Powerarmor.  starting in 10 min https://mixer.com/Cybercheetah

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  6. Good moring . Hoping everyone doing well.. Good news. I gotten the job and filled out my paper  work as well.  Srtarting bit late today. was planeing my games for next few days. Today  going be Exploring Appalachia  in fallout 76. Queating and stuff. starting in 10 min.   https://mixer.com/Cybercheetah

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  7. Evening. Hoping everyone night going well. I'm doing  Great. Taking night off from my xboxone. Going be streaming PC tonight. WIll be playing some league of legends and chilling ot music. https://mixer.com/Cybercheetah

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  8. Good morning . Hoping everyone morning well so far. Darksider  3 or Soulsider 3..  After playing the game, I do like it and is hard. Do like after you die you losing yours. Would like see more of the a story. let get on the  horse let ride   https://mixer.com/Cybercheetah

  9. Good day everyone.. Darksider 3 been fun and hard as well.  Remind of dark souls as well. after you die you lose all your souls . I'm going continue soulsiders for a bit https://mixer.com/Cybercheetah  starting in 10 min

  10. Evening Everyone. Hoping you guys night going well/ My is going well.   Darksider 3 is here.   I planed to stream time to night!!! Blind run and playing it on  apocalypse difficulty. I'm rady and get on our houre and let goo!! Going start in 10 min https://mixer.com/Cybercheetah

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  11. Cant sleep somehow Gotten 2nd wind. Might do late night stream  and Finish up Beyond Good & Evil. Beyond Good & Evil https://mixer.com/Cybercheetah

  12. good afternoon. Hoping everyone doing well.  I'm well.  For tomorrow stream  be continuing  beyond good and evil. Aobut 7 am Central . have nice day everyone

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  13. Good morning.  Stream will start shortly. Going continuing   Beyond Good & Evil and take it easy  too. https://mixer.com/Cybercheetah

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    1. Foxboxunion


      Thats a very good game 

  14. Evening. Hows every night been. Ready for #Fallout76 . I'm going takebreak  over on Thanksgiving and  weekend  Come by and hang out.   https://mixer.com/Cybercheetah   starting in 10 mins

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  15. Evening. Hows every night been. My night going well,.   I've been looking over my build. Don't fit me. Planing to fresh character in #Fallout76    Come by and hang out.   https://mixer.com/Cybercheetah

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