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  1.  Good Afternoon,  How everyone weekend been.  Continuing #Fallout New vegas Sunday!!!  Going start with honest heart DLC 1st https://mixer.com/Cybercheetah

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  2. Evening. Hoping everyone doing well this evening. I'm taking it easy to day. Chill Saturday will be on tomorrow. Got few games line up as well. have nice night everyone

  3. Evening everyone.  I'm going mix it up Tonight with different era of games. Might ot do some #Fallout NV as well  .https://mixer.com/Cybercheetah

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  4. Good morning.   Going be continuing the story in #ShadowsAwakening.  Got a good game play and party sys as well. https://mixer.com/Cybercheetah  

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  5. Good morning.  I'm moving #Fallout Sunday Stream this morning. Dont know what dlc to start 1st? This afternoon the new season #DrWho will start. https://mixer.com/Cybercheetah

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    1. zheck


      Have fun!

  6. Evening. Hows everyone doing to night.   Been slow and busy day for me. Going to Chill  on this Saturday night.  Come by and chill.  https://mixer.com/Cybercheetah

  7. Good Morning.  I dont like slow weekends. Let play game for Chill Saturday!!! Will be playing #Bastion. Been while played this game.  https://mixer.com/Cybercheetah

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  8. Evening, How everyone tonight. Will be playing #ShadowsAwakening. Been age I've played dungeon crawler game. https://mixer.com/Cybercheetah

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  9. Good morning, End of the Month ,Fall is here, New games and #Fallout NV Sunday. Going to be early Stream. Let see what crazy things will happening in the wasteland https://mixer.com/Cybercheetah

  10. Good Afternoon. Anyone dont like slow Saturday, Come by hang out and Chill. For Chill Saturday  will be playing Alan wake american nightmare on stream . https://mixer.com/Cybercheetah

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  11. Good morning  Hows everyone doing 

  12. Good  Morning.  How everyone doing  this fine Morning..  Been l've done a up life up date. I've been out there Job seeking and been working on the  my streams as well.  I going try chat some agine,  just hard for on thatpart still.  Will be Rpg game to day but I dont know as yet

  13. I'm excited to play more @DarkSoulsGame , and I'd be even more excited if you showed up to help me get through it! So, hit the link to enter the Den, and maybe you to can be a part of my Coalition! With this hot weather might not suite up https://mixer.com/Cybercheetah

  14. Good moring . I’m super hyped for Dark Souls Remaster, which comes out in just few days. I'm going live in 30 minutes with the Witcher 3 Wildhunt! I love it’s dark story! Hit the link to enter the Den, and you too can be a part of my Coalition! https://mixer.com/Cybercheetah

  15. I'm going to take it easy rest the and going stream some Dark souls 2 on my Xboxone https://mixer.com/Cybercheetah