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  1. Surprise Stream.


    Is there anything more that needs to be said?


  2. I'm not running out of memes. YOU'RE RUNNING OUT OF MEMES.


    Late, thanks to work, but freshly shaven and LIVE NOW.

    Sorry for the lazy-ass title tonight. It's been a heckin' long day.


  3. It's Jackbox night again! http://


    Here's a dank meme to remind you that I'm reminding you that I'm Live now.



  4. Happy Independence Day. Please thank Will Smith for beating the aliens.


    Live now, all you Freedom Eagles.


  5. This tired boi is gonna get some wins.


    The competition should just give up, I'm too OP. And I'm Live.


  6. cubos


  7. Hey all, I just wanted to say sorry I haven't been around the CGN page in a while. Been getting back into my seasonal job, and really had to buckle down and focus on my work, personal, and stream, in that order. Hasn't left me much/any time to be around here.

    Now that things are leveling out again somewhat, I'm gonna try and be around more often, usually on the Discord.

    I'm always around for questions, or to chat though. Always feel free to message me ?


  9. The good boi streameths

  10. One more time just in case you missed it!

  11. I sit down 30 minutes prior and update anything I need to, post to social medias that I'll be on in 30 minutes, prime up the game and open all programs. Then I grab a drink/coffee, and hit the bathroom. Turn on the stream with my Starting Soon page at go-time, and then I have 5 minutes to do anything I feel I missed, and then we're live!
  12. Hey Everyone! As quite a few of you know now, I'm making YouTube videos once a week (currently once, thinking about twice a week), and they're centered around bundling up the knowledge I'm gaining as a growing streamer, and giving it back to the community in order to help other small and growing streamers avoid some common early pitfalls and make the correct moves early. I have ideas about what I'd like to create, and could keep putting out content I come up with myself. But what I'd really like is to have some ideas from the community about what you guys would like to see. Are there some questions you have and want answered? Are there common things that you can't find answers for that I've missed? Do you want to know how to do something and have a hard time finding good info on it? Give me your ideas and help me help you! If I have the experience to speak about what you're asking, I'll gladly make content based on what you need to see! Thanks guys, I hope this sparks some discussion about what's missing out there for you, and maybe I can fill a niche that's missing a good creator ? Link to my Youtube channel in case you haven't seen it, or need a refresher on what kind of videos I'm making https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkJGwQGYa06XB-zjx8FXd7Q
  13. New Battle Royale Apex Legends! 

    1. TCGamerQC


      how are you liking the game?

    2. cubos


      Dude this game MIGHT single-handedly save the Battle Royale genre. Loving it so far!

  14. Guys and gals I just got retweeted by AshniChrist for my first YouTube video!

    You can find it on the Trending Videos page or the link here: https://youtu.be/g6Ws2hdDzIg

    If you haven't, check out AshniChrist on YouTube, Twitter and Twitch. She's a stream coach, YouTuber, and businesswoman. We need more people like her!




  15. Guys, just got my CGN.png file setup on my stream, the Nightbot !kickstarter command and timer setup, and I'm ready to stream and raise some money for the app. See you guys in about 4 hours!

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