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  1. Hey there! What a great question! In my opinion the best choice is somewhere in between the two opposing extremes. If you don’t trust me, trust Aristotle, because he used to say “in medio stat virtus” ( the right position is in the middle). I mean, taking care of your health starts with you actually eating healthy, exercising and so on; but there are some circumstances in which we can’t avoid consulting a professional, no matter how much care you take of yourself. While we are on the subject of health, I recently was surfing on google play and I stumbled across an interesting cloud-based case management and reporting system: it’s called iinsight. Check it out on https://www.iinsight.biz/. It definitely is a life changer for allied health and the NDIS service providers.
  2. Hmm, with your configuration to start the game will be challenging. But, it depends on the game. The game maybe isn't working on your video graphics card. Anyway, did you thought getting an nvidia gtx? Yeah, I know prices now are horrible. But there are some excellent models at a pretty sweet price. I saw yesterday gtx 1660, which is the most popular with its power for such price. But, there are more models for 1660. If someone will buy or is thinking, check out this article(Should I get 1660 Ti or 1660 super?). I hope I was able to help someone!
  3. Welcome to CGN.US. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others, and share your profile link!


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