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  1. So when I try to go to the FAQ, I get the following error.  Anyone else?


    Error 402

    Helpdesk plugin inactive.

    The plugin for this helpdesk is not active.

    The helpdesk owner needs to check their Crisp plan.

    1. zheck


      Hmm, will look into it

  2. So I have been signed up for some time ago but somehow forgot about it?  Then I get this email the other day and I was like "Holy shit, I forgot about that!"  So here I am again.  Let's see what kind of shenanigans I can get up to!

    • 0
    1. kattatonia


      Welcome back!

  3. I'm just an old school variety streamer who really enjoys RPG's (SKYRIM4LYFE) and sucks at FPS but still continues to play PUBG and Fortnite because that shit is fun! I tend to curse a lot so if you have sensitive feelings, you have been warned. I like to meet new friends, so feel free to say hi
  4. Welcome to CGN. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others, and share your profile link!