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  1. Any Staff on to approve my purchase???

    1. Legit_Dinosaur


      probs not since this site is in the US 
      althought I thought it was automated 

    2. Jinny


      message directly @zheck

  2. Thanks for the follow bro!

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  3. Whats good fam

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    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Xioxakura


      Pretty amazing getting ready for my big stream tomorrow got me a powerful computer so I am hyped


    3. TruskillzxTTV


      word link me so i can support

    4. Xioxakura



  4. Congratulations to the fam @QueenMami0405and @CuzinTon CGN Partnership! GG ???

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  5. Super Proud of the success CGN has had! FULLY FUNDED!! Let's go!! 

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  6. Thanks for the follow. I appreciate it.

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  7. Good morning CGN Fam! ITS HUMP Day! LETS DO ITTTTTTT!!

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  8. The Feature option is SUPER DOPE!!! Currently checking out @CuzinT !!

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  9. Ohhhhh its Taco Tuesday!! How I love Tacos!! Who else loves tacos?? ??

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  10. Hope everyone had an AWESOME weekend!  Have a great week!!

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  11. Little late, but welcome to CGN and thanks for the follow! Make sure to link your other social media and stream if you have it so we can find you out there easier! #GameOn 

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  12. @CHICAGOPEEPS2Thank you for following me, I appreciate it a lot and it mean a lot to me. I follow you back, please following me on Twitter, CGN, Twitch and YouTube to. Come by my stream sometime, I come by your stream to. Thank you support me, follow me and courage me to. Welcome to CGN to.

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      Are your other social media handles the same as here? 

    2. lilday13
    3. zheck


      You can find other social media handles, by checking their profile page. Unless they are not linked ?

  13. Happy Hump day! We go live tonight! MIXER.COM/CHICAGOPEEPS2 

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  14. Yooooooo  Cledus! Welcome bro!

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    1. CledusTee


      Hey thanks brother man! Ill be getting a little more active here when i get back friday.

  15. Hey man, 


    Thanks for the follow.

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