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  1. CGN Podcast starting soon!


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  2. Test Test.

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    2. Ikacake


      Test works!

    3. Slamvideos


      Check check .. 1, 2, 1, 2

    4. Legit_Dinosaur


      test test test!! 

  3. , SonicBlastJoy d1306d693f09912eb2e2f8e5cbf4e86e

    Were live 

  4. We have a Giveaway Open for Blast Zone! Tournament!
    Get in on it right now!! Link below!!


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  5. Tim The Miles might be new, but he starts this Interview in Style with CuizineT CGN : https://cgn.us @cubos : https://twitch.tv/cubos @CuzinT : https://mixer.com/cuzint
  6. CGN Orb's have Officially Released!
    Check out the Blog Post below for more information!
    And have fun Earning, Spending, and Donating to Others!!


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  7. This week on the CGN Podcast we Interview CGN Partner and Twitch Streamer @RizeUpGaming! Join us every Saturday at 7:00 PM EST Live on https://twitch.tv/cgndotus CGN : https://cgn.us RizeUpGaming : https://twitch.tv/rizeupgaming Cubos : https://twitch.tv/cubos
  8. CGN Podcast starts in exactly 30 minutes!
    With Special Guest @Grimlockeprime
    Be sure to join us Live on Mixer and Twitch.



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  9. , WreckitGamingAU a0312f14e7a804b4437d36c1e571048c

    Everyday creators and viewers come together to do amazing things on Twitch. Article 13 is bad copyright reform that could limit the content you create and share. Together, we can stop this. Learn more and take action at https://t.co/KBnAWle9rc.


  10. Big Shout-Out to our Two Newest Partners!!
    @QueenMami0405 and @CuzinT
    Check out their Profiles and leave a follow!!


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    1. zheck


      Congrats you all! 😄 

    2. CuzinT


      Thank You !!!

    3. QueenMami0405


      Thank you 

  11. The CGN Podcast starts in exactly 30 minutes!
    With Special Guest @RizeUpGaming 




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  12. Congratulations to our Winner @roshuGaming
    Sending you a list of games now to choose from!

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  13. Who Wants a FREE Game?!
    Simply Re-share and Reply below to Enter!
    Will announce the winner at 10:00 PM EST!


    free game.png

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    2. Shivant



    3. Ikacake


      good luck

    4. Nerdgasm


      Oooh. Count me in!

  14. , zheck 30b417c0a3830e938a8cbe70353ffe20

    I'm back baby! With whole new PC!!
    Let's get started, shall we?!! #CGN 


    z new pc.png

  15. Special Guest FoxBoxUnion Explains Dead By Daylight to us! And the story behind the Villain Legion! @Foxboxunion : https://twitch.tv/foxboxunion @cubos: https://twitch.tv/cubos Join us Every Saturday at 7:00 PM EST!! https://twitch.tv/cgndotus