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  1. Hey all of my friendly Mixer Streamers out there! A fellow streamers and me have started a Mixer team that will be the most supportive one yet! we are currently looking to interview prospects that we feel will help the supportive community and will be super amazing! The UnderDog Story is your story.. how you began small and unknown and why you started to stream to how you are now and by telling us and everyone your story, you gain a connection and support from the fellow team members and fam all across Mixer! If you're interested please comment on this, DM me on twitter @CerusKnight , or come to my stream and Whisper me! Come share your story and be part of a family Much love to the CGN Family and all the amazing support and love that is on here
  2. Hey Fam lol! id like to say that CGN is one hell of a Site and Community. It's filled with the best gamers in the world and I am so glad to be a part of CGN! With that said id like to show my love for all the Content creators and Streamers on YouTube, Mixer, and so on.... So please message me, follow me, and comment your Channels names and platform and I will 100% Check out every single one!!! I'm on mixer @PharaohCerus I look forward to meeting all of CGN!!! And always remember to LOVE, SUPPORT, and GAME!
  3. I like to stream d2, battle royal games, star wars games!
  4. Whats going on guys! My name is Cerus and a lot of you may know me on here. Id like to really start to help fellow content creators grow their channels and help everyone reach their goals and dreams. Lets show the gaming world what CGN is about, Comment your channel or whatever you do and ill check you out and do my best to support it because gaming and streaming would be the same without all of you amazing people Heres mine www.mixer.com/PharaohCerus
  5. I gave you both a follow heres mine mixer.com/GP_Cerus
  6. What's up all my Streaming and content creators! I'm trying to start a Destiny Talk Show for Destiny 2 and Beyond and maybe grow into other games! If you are interested, Comment or Message me. Lets try this and see if we can Give the gaming community a brand new, GREAT Talk Show!
  7. Hey everyone that is a Destiny fan. I'm looking for Destiny 1 & 2 content creators that would be down to help out the destiny community with some cool streams and content on any platform! Lets take Destiny 2 by Strom and show them what CGN is made of. if you have any questions and or comments please comment on this topic and message me if interested. cnat wait to hear from you all.
  8. Whats up guys!!!! sorry I have been MIA for a while ive been working on some things that are out of my comfort zone but am really liking it. if yiu guys have any tips or comments about doing lore videos and walk-throughs let me know because I'm trying to do these things for the upcoming game... Destiny 2! Any help would be appreciated and if I could help anyone with anything Hit me up cause I'm great with streaming questions, branding ones self, and how to go about promoting things about yourself
  9. Hey guys I was thinking about starting a Destiny 1 & 2 Channel on Twitch. The name would be... The Red Jack. and the name is referenced to destiny crucible lore. If I do start this channel it would only be on twitch and would be an amazing channel for all of the destiny fans on CGN. Let me know your opinions guys. I need the feedback and please go into detail. Much love, thank you all!
  10. Hey guys Cerus here!!! If you're a streamer on mixer and looking to network, message me on here or on twitter and lets try to help all of us grow no matter how small or big you are, lets be that streaming family.
  11. In 45 minutes ill be streaming the Destiny 2 beta! stop by and have some fun

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  12. Hey guys I'm going live on Mixer!! hope you can stop by guys :3 mixer.com/TheCerusKnight

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  13. Hey man thanks for the follow! Hope to see you around a lot!

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  14. What's up guys!! Whos excited for the Destiny 2 beta next week?? I'm so pumped and ready to see how amazing this game is gonna be! if anyone wants to talk about it please LETS TALK
  15. Hey guys just some nice tips to help grow the community of your streams and what not. 1. Find other streamers that stream your game and connect with them duh lol. 2. Look at different games you might enjoy and start spreading the word about it to get other interested i9n the game and yourself. 3. Try joining or making a stream team, they are really fun and very helpful. 4. Start posting more on social medias to get comfortable with them and post stuff you want and not what other people post, be yourself :). 5. Last but not least help the people you want to help you. Its a really good thing to do because it allows for everyone to see you're willing to take the extra step to help others so in return they will help you. Thanks for anyone who reads these tips, and have a great day!!!
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