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  1. So stoked to be at 750 follows on Mixer! Thanks for all of the <3 and support!


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  2. Give me ALL of that armor. I now know what I will be fighting for in Destiny 2.


    Begins: October 10, 2AM Pacific
    Ends: October 17, 2AM Pacific

    The game is Control.

    The Armor looks SICK. It's the first time that I think the Warlock armor looks the best, but all of them look great. Think...space Japanese Samurai

  3. VOTA's Eye

    VOTA's Eye is our web show where we discuss Destiny lore, news, spinfoil hate theories, and play the game. Join the VOTA co-founders Celtic Surfer, NerDad, and FarFromIdle as we get into the nitty gritty of Destiny - and go down endless tangents, too.
  4. VOTA's Eye, Ep 42 was a good time. Got almost all of the weekly milestones done on my alt character, and we put in some work in Crucible. | #Destiny2 #VoftheA

  5. First of all, I found out that I don't quite have the RAM to stream AND play Freeman: Star Edge, yet. I will need to double my RAM in order to do so. So, hopefully, I'll be able to do that soon.
    Second...huge surprise to me, but #Oxenfree is turning out to be a really creepy, fun game. I did NOT expect it to be as deep as it is. So, tune in next week, Monday (10/9/17), as we return to Epiphany Fields to try and solve this crazy, dark, creepy mystery.


  6. Trying #Oxenfree out tonight. I will likely be streaming this tomorrow for #MixItUpMonday tomorrow. It's pretty neat!


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  7. Booping For The Win - Destiny 2

    I was playing Countdown in the Competitive crucible playlist in Destiny 2. I was the last Guardian alive and decided to see if I could have some fun with the Tractor Cannon. | #Destiny2 #CelticCircle

    I just wanted to let you all know that I'm adding a few new features to the stream.

    I saw this on another Mixer streamer's channel, and I thought it looked like a lot of fun, so I added the Stream Jar (via StreamLabs). Every follow will add a M0GAR head to the jar. Donors will also add an item to the cup in the following increments:

    $0.01 - $2.99: Bronze Star Coin
    $3.00 - $19.99: Silver Star Coin
    $20.00+: Gold Star Coin.

    I am also rewarding Gold Star donors with a custom entry sound. Every time they come into chat and say something, their sound will play.

    The new commands are: !boss and !cup

    Hope to see you in stream!

    #CelticCircle #StreamerLife

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  9. Dude...I am super stoked. I just finished the #LeviathanRaid for the first time. It took us 4.5 hours (I had already spent 9 hours in previous attempts) to get the raid done, but we got it.

    GGs, guys. GGs.

    The raid team consisted of myself, NerDad Plays, GQsmooth, EmployedMoney, N0tTheDuke, and Mr Doofnasty.

    It is a tough raid. Anyone that says otherwise is either extremely gifted, arrogant, or just lying to themselves and everyone else. It was a good challenge. The key is to have a group of people that you are comfortable communicating with, problem solving with, and who can carry their own weight. Every single person has an important role to play and in most of the encounters if just one person fails their task, the whole team fails the encounter.


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  10. Everyone, welcome M0GAR. Inter-dimensional being, office employee, my new mascot, and chat moderator. 


  11. Yo!! :)  (1) Welcome to CGN, and (2) thanks for hitting me up, dude. 

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  12. For anyone who may need or want some help getting through the basic mechanics of the #LeviathanRaid in #Destiny2, I wrote a guide. Special thanks to the Vestiges of the Ahamkara Destiny community for helping with strats and thanks to the Reddit community for providing awesome maps and amazingly helpful content.




    #Guide #GameGuide

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  13. I'll be going live in about 25 minutes. Was going to do a raid, but couldn't get a team together so I'll be farming faction tokens instead for the faction rally. :)  See you there!



    #Destiny2 #FactionRally

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  14. Going live in about 10 min. | Running weekly stuff & possibly grinding an alt character | https://www.mixer.com/Celtic_Surfer

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  15. Going live in 20 min | #LeviathanRaid Fresh | #Destiny2 | https://www.mixer.com/Celtic_Surfer

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