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  1. CanaMediaTV


    I stream a variety of different games along with my travels through the competitive side of overwatch.
  2. I use sony vegas pro for most of my editing to do an intro after effects, how ever haven't really used the intro much anymore.
  3. Completely agree, I use to post everywhere i could but views didn't change enough to really make it worth it.
  4. All I need to say is just one person, Neil Breen. He is probably the worst actor/director/editer/film maker/sfx artist/ect, in existence. How ever still cant recommend watching his movies enough. He is so bad that it goes to being good straight back to being bad.
  5. Hey everyone just uploaded a new video onto youtube total war: Warhammer 


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  6. Can not agree more with Srom here, most important of all is have a backlog of videos. I have made that mistake to many times to count and it ends bad each time.
  7. New video on youtube and because of my love for CGN you guys get to see it first as it is still set as unlisted for the next 24 - 48 hours. 


  8. Doing some more low sec pvp in eve watch it here in the stream section of CGN or watching it on https://twitch.tv/canamediatv

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  9. Good afternoon everyone going live again with some more Low Sec PVP in EVE Online come check it out here on CGN in the stream section or on https://twitch.tv/canamediatv 

  10. Going live with some lowsec pvp in eve come check it out ether on CGN in the stream section or on https://twitch.tv/canamediatv 

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  11. Hey everyone still streaming some eve online come check me out https://twitch.tv/canamediatv or in the stream page on CGN :)

  12. ever wanted to know what eve online is about come check out the stream https://twitch.tv/canamediatv

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