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  1. It really grinds my gears when people comment on my youtube channel only to advertise their own. It'd be like walking into McDonalds and screaming "Yeah the burgers here are good BUT You should check out the burgers across the street at BURGER KING!" and expecting not to be ejected from the premises.. Or even getting offended when you're ejected 'because people have been advertising like this for years'.

    Seriously. If you want another youtuber to watch your stuff, message them on twitter or another social media site they're available on. Privately. Otherwise you're just advertising your channel on someone else's channel, which is a **** move. I don't care if 'everyone does it'. I don't do it. I do my best to respect your channel. Please respect mine.

    I will, and do, delete any and all commentary on my channel that ends in 'Check out my channel'. There are better ways to advertise than trying to snipe views from smaller channels.

    This isn't directed at anyone here. This just keeps happening to me and it's really irritating and disrespectful, imho.





  2. Hey folks! Thinking of doing a Q&A Video soon emoji_1f600.png Interested? Check out the tweet below & respond with any questions you may have. They don't have to just be about me or the channel, though I can't guarantee I know the answer to Life, The Universe, and Everything.... but I'll be willing to give it a shot.



  3. Up to 29 subs on the channel today!  Seriously thrilled about the growth of the channel. I know, I know, it's not much but hey, for someone with a channel on an 'oversaturated' website in an 'oversaturated' genre, I think that's pretty darn good.


    Still really looking forward to 100 subs so I can fix the URL for the channel, but I'll get there, I'm sure. Still, any help y'all can offer would be fantastic!


    Also finally got the FB page up and running. I can't stand FB but I'm trying to cover all my bases here, dangit.


    If you haven't yet, please do stop by the channel and take a look around:


    ^See the letter vomit at the end there? That's what I need to change at 100 subscribers.


    Also the channel's website is officially up and running, definitely take a peek over there if you're curious about the channel beyond just what goes up every day: https://www.cabbitudegaming.com


    Y'all are awesome and I deeply appreciate being a part of this community. Seriously, thank you!



  4. Heyo! Welcome to CGN and thanks for the follow! Here's an amusing gif for ya!


  5. Hey hey there, thanks for the follow! Please enjoy this intriguing gif - tumblr_mn4hfbFA8p1r922azo1_500.gif

  6. Greetings and thank you for the follow! Here is an amusing gif-



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  8. 25.gif

    3 months and a few days into the channel's lifetime and I've FINALLY hit 25 subs! I'm officially 1/4 of the way to my current goal (100) and the chance to fix my damn channel URL so it looks right!


    Only 75 subs to go!

    Interested? Awesome! New videos come out every single day and things are constantly improving!


    Oh yeah, finally got the website up and running so y'all can find oodles of info on the channel there - https://www.cabbitudegaming.com


  9. To Facecam, or not to Facecam, that is the question. - Whether tis nobler in the mind to face the slings and arrows of shallow internet trolls, or suck it up and display yourself proudly, And by opposing end them? - I've noticed that youtube gamers, like myself, who happen to have a bloody ton of subscribers, unlike myself, often tend to use webcams or some other means to record themselves. Granted they are also ridiculously energetic and/or outrageously attractive, unlike myself who tends to be somewhat analytical yet still (god I hope) relatively entertaining in my approach to gaming and... not... coverperson-worthy in the looks department. - While youtube gamers, like myself, who happen to avoid the use of webcams or other recording devices aimed directly at their faces to take in every gaping pore and un-tweased browhair, yet capable of intriguing and generally entertaining dialog (hopefully like myself)... tend to get the shorter end of the stick, regardless of how often they post or how hard they work at their channel. - Think Markiplier v. Cryaotic, if you'd like two very big name examples. Mark has 20million subs after years of work. Cryaotic, despite being a fascinating specimen and genuinely praised by multiple 'famous' youtubers with ridiculous sub numbers, has only a TENTH of that (yes 2 million is 1 tenth of 20 million, I even googled to make sure) and has been working for as long, if not longer than Markiplier (factoring in Mark's original channel and time on Twitch, they've both been at it for nearly a decade and some spare change) - (TL;DR) So I'm curious - Are you more prone to subbing to someone you can see? Or is a good set of pipes all you need?
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