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  2. Hey All, I have a fairly good channel that is growing and I focus on all the things I need to, brand, seo and working on better content to increase watch time but I think the tagging to get initial hits and views is not quite right. I see in the youtube Official creators videos on the YTStudio dash using tubebuddy that they only tag a few keywords specific to the content example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NjR453ol3r0 TAGS creator insider, creatorinsider , youtubeinsider, youtubenews, creatorstudio but some say if you have all this space to tag then use it. My videos are generally a daily Sea Of thieves (Game) but its a specific time-limited gameplay so should I go with few specific keywords: TAGS Sea Of Thieves , things to do, speed run, speedrun, sotrush, how sotrush works, mini games, rush, what to do, PvE or tag on mass: TAGS dark relics,sea of thieves,reapers chest,sea of thieves dark relics,dev update,dark relics sea of thieves,sea of thieves new update,sea of theives,sea of thieves update today,new sea of thieves update,sea of thieves dev update,sea of thives,sea of theives update,sea of thieves monthly updates,sea of thieves reapers chest,rowboat harpoons,harpoon rowboats,joe neate,rare ltd,sea of thieves update,tall tales,sea of thieves gameplay and is combining of separating better: TAGS Sea Of Thieves ,Rush, things to do, speed run, speedrun, mini games or TAGS Sea Of Thieves Rush, Sea Of Thieves things to do, Sea Of Thieves speed run, Sea Of Thieves speedrun, Sea Of Thieves mini-games I get over 30% of my traffic sources from youtube so I am happy with that figure but by click to impression ratio is not so good. Because I am trying to reach a community of sea of thieves players I though on mass was better, I would get displayed in all sea of thieves related searches but then I am not getting the clicks so maybe more specific is better. Anyway, if someone wants to look at my channel it can be reached via spectrumgamer.com Thanks, Rob Turner I'm trying to ask questions that will benefit me and others too
  3. Hope it works for you and when you get famous, remember me
  4. From an SEO Standpoint I am pretty happy with the analytics I see here, to have the Youtube Search be by top source tells me I am doing okay with channel tags, video tags, good descriptions, looking at other channels, using tag explorer/tag suggest in the tubebuddy plugin, looking at other successful videos of the same topic and copying the tags they have, all seems to be working for me, really been working on that and brand consistency. I try to post every morning a 20/30 minute stream video from Twitch too. 3 things I am really pressing are: - Regular content - Brand consistency over all platforms /social media - colour schemes in thumbnails, logos etc - SEO the crap out of my content I want to explore how other members of the club use yt analytics, please post questions or best uses of analytics you have found?
  5. Never heard of TubeBuddy! Thanks for that tip! Gonna look into it now! ?
  6. Intro's seem to have died off and tend to be annoying if more than a second or two.
  7. I use sony vegas pro for most of my editing to do an intro after effects, how ever haven't really used the intro much anymore.
  8. Completely agree, I use to post everywhere i could but views didn't change enough to really make it worth it.
  9. Heh... SHAREFactory's got a basic image composer, as well... So that's where I make my thumbnails too! ?
  10. I did use Bitmoji app for a while to make an avatar of me and use it in different situations but I dropped that idea but someone else might find it a good direction to go in.
  11. For making thumbnails I am using paint.net for image creation and the following plugin pack when at the desktop computer... BoltBait's Plugin Pack for PdN v4.1 and beyond. (Updated December 1, 2018) - Plugin Packs - paint.net Forum FORUMS.GETPAINT.NET Here is what I consider my Essential, award winning , plugin pack for Paint.NET v4.1 and beyond. It includes 43 plugins in 33 files, 1 palette file, and 48 shapes. This allows you to pick and choose to install only the effects you want. Then... It has a great outline and feathering effect that makes thumbnails fast, I like starburst backgrounds and use cooltext.com website to make text, sometimes I will use the meme generator website too to add text to a thumbnail If I am on the go, I use on my android, a cutout app to cut out pictures of me or my son/wife too and sometimes a layer app to layer images on the android and share to meme generator app to add text, really comes down to if I have spare time when out and about to fit in some work or if i am at my desk. I also use Google Drive to sync up my images to my desktop and will generally make headshot on startburst images and then I can use them for different video thumbnails, trying to work on consistency so I may start to use the starburst image in by logo and redo all my thumbnails to use it, big job but can pluck away at it when I have spare moments using my phone. I think a consistent feel is going to be important to making the channel more appealing.
  12. Hello Nathan, I tried Hitfilm Express but found I kept hitting blocks on how to do stuff and then not finding answers so I gave up but I will reinstall and retry as its definitely a more polished suite and my rig is far better than it was before when I tried so might find it runs better. I find the open source snap in windows technology used by shotcut to be a bit clunky! Thanks,
  13. I use Hitfilm Express. It's free and has alot of more advanced features. FXHOME.COM The most popular free editor & compositor for Mac & PC. Includes over 410 powerful effects & presets. There's also a new software coming out called Olive that looks very promising but it's still in Alpha. Olive - Professional Open-Source Video Editor WWW.OLIVEVIDEOEDITOR.ORG
  14. I used to do a lot more, but I haven't really seen much worth in wasting time on more than Twitter, Discord and CGN.
  15. The Vegas Pro Humble Bundle is still going until June 3rd, 2019, too... Humble Software REBundle: VEGAS Pro Even More Creative Freedom WWW.HUMBLEBUNDLE.COM Pay what you want for a bundle of software and support charity! But the tool I use for my videos is SHAREFactory on the PS4. It's not the most powerful tool, but I've yet to find another with a better user interface. It feels like you're playing a game as you edit! SHAREfactory™ on PS4 | Official PlayStation™Store US STORE.PLAYSTATION.COM The SHAREfactory™ app offers easy video-editing tools and effects to let you share your greatest moments, your way. Effortlessly combine, personalize, and share your favorite game footage with your own commentary, a soundtrack...
  16. I wanted to know if anyone can recommend a logo creator. I want something that really speaks to my channel audience and as my channel carries a message I want to incorporate it into the logo somehow. I found someone on Twitter that will do it for $20! Anyone have someone they recommend?
  17. Captain Falcore is mine... https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbC7fK_u7HN88xZK2R8KOmQ
  18. When to publish? This is a question I am trying to get a good answer to, the frequency and time to publish videos for my location. I live on the west coast of Vancouver island and I have noticed a tail off on Twitter at 1PM my time. I'm wondering if I should be scheduling my videos for an earlier time to capitalize on the East Coast crowd waking up and what about the UK and European audiences. I am 8 hours different from the UK so I thought perhaps a UK midday time to get the British lunchtime and east coast wake up and maybe a Tuesday./wednesday would be the sweet spot. Experimentation is required.
  19. I generally use the Free Chrome addon TubeBuddy to see the channel tags and video tags of other channels and then use those in my videos with a few of my own, the aim is to get my results to appear when someone searches for another video and have an enticing enough thumbnail to get a click on it. http://tubebuddy.com You can get information like channel tags: And video tags: The tags can be copied to the clipboard and then pasted into a video, you can also use suggested keywords and it will expand upon a keyword or phrase giving you more tags to inject into the video to publish.
  20. I'll start with my video editor tool I use, my goto for cutting videos together it Shotcut, its free, it has some bugs but its easy to get to grips with, at least I found it to be. Its available at Shotcut - Download SHOTCUT.ORG Shotcut is a free, open source, cross-platform video editor for Windows, Mac and Linux There are plenty of community videos on how to do overlays and such as well and adding text over a video is easy to do, you can use say cooltext.com to make the text and easily add fade in and out effects, I used it as well as some android apps to make the thumbnails in this video for example:
  21. What do you use to create intros, outros, thumbnails, how to do things in some of these tools.
  22. Tools you use to promote your channel / videos, tricks and tips. Social Media and other.
  23. Discuss the tricks and tips for good SEO in youtube, what worked for you, what didn't.
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