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About This Club

A group for those who post reviews - written or video.

  1. What's new in this club
  2. RICO comes out today and we got our review finished. Had a lot of fun with this and it is probably the best Co-Op experience I had of the year so far. (It's now listed for our Extra Life stream in November). Here is the key point: "RICO is the shooter you pick up when you're having a stressful day and just want to take down a drug-cartel for a quick 30 minutes or more, but it's even better when you have friends around to join you in that task. It's quick, it's bloody, it's easy to pick up and it's extremely fun." Full Review here: https://gameitall.com/rico-review/ Based on the Nintendo Switch Review Copy - provided by the developers.
  3. We got to review the latest Toejam and Earl game. Here is what we thought: "It’s hard to describe a game like ToeJam & Earl, at its core it plays like a roguelike adventure game with randomly generated levels, items and enemies thrown into the mix, yet the action comes from avoiding dangers and finding the quickest path to get all 10 pieces of the Rapmaster. In fact, I worry about making the game sound kind of boring by putting in words when in fact, the game is an absolute joy to play." https://gameitall.com/toejam-earl-back-in-the-groove-review/
  4. Our review of Far Cry New Dawn is out now on the site, and well.... Let's have this line tell you how we felt about it: "With forgettable villains, a forgettable story, and a system that makes the game feel more like a chore than crazy fun, I wholeheartedly cannot recommend Far Cry New Dawn even at the out of the gate discounted price." Read the full review here: https://gameitall.com/far-cry-new-dawn-review/
  5. First Review of the Year. I don't think it's my best work gushing on how good this game is, could have gushed harder, but still a solid 8.8. Here's Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown. https://gameitall.com/ace-combat-7-skies-unknown-review/
  6. https://techgirl.co.za/2018/04/10/crossing-souls-review/
  7. https://techgirl.co.za/2018/07/18/prey-mooncrash-dlc/
  8. https://techgirl.co.za/2018/11/22/sometimes-the-only-thing-a-game-needs-to-be-is-fun-spyro-regnited-trilogy/
  9. https://techgirl.co.za/2018/10/10/couple-friendly-weekend-games/
  10. Our review of Persona Dancing: Endless Night Collection - which contains Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight and Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight. https://gameitall.com/persona-endless-dancing-collection-review/ Let us know what you think of the game or if you have any questions about the review or game and we'll try to answer anything we can.