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About This Club

To help My Community Grow! i really hope that this will help me as my NEW Year goal is to grow more with my STREAM, this group was the good idea to make! You can use Discord to join or any, I been trying to us what i can to help the growth.

  1. What's new in this club
  2. Ikacake

    lands it

    lands it
  3. Ikacake


    this happens lol WHEN VIP 1.1
  4. Ikacake

    I jump and die lol

  5. obzyer

    I jump and die lol

    haha lol great clip
  6. Stream Announcement May 7, 2019 Hey All, I know that my Streaming schedule Is a little missed up at the minute but, I got a new called PhantomBot this week, so I had to get help from my best friend as he did the same thing made the switch! So, I got most of the commands working on the bot as its working 24/7 right now, the Mini Game are on and working same as the slap command. Here is the Mini Game list! Just remember that a few are still being learned how they work as well! !8ball, !adventure "amount", !gamble "amount", !kill, !random, !roll, !roulette, !slotmachine, !challenge "user", !defuse, !hack, !heist "amount", !jenga, !lotto, !steal, !steal "user", !tamagotchi, !slap, !stupiditytest, !top 10, !flirt, !bank, !daily, !Pay
  7. I jump and die lol
  8. 10-10 spins How many SPINS well i do??
  9. 10-10 Jump Will i land it on 4 wheels?
  10. Car can fly in the air and rolls
  11. jIMMY Died thanks BUG!
  12. Ikacake

    how i get out

    how i get out? lets find out
  13. Ikacake

    bye jimmy RIP

    bye jimmy RIP
  14. i go around the block and what happens next
  15. When your friends jump with there cars and this happens
  16. I get push on to the roof then i jump off easy xD
  17. When u do the highway to that bug! In APB RELOADED gotta love the weird stuff in the world!
  18. While on the road in APB Reloaded crazy things happen!
  19. CAR JUMP 1.1 i have skills still xD
  20. As most of you know that I Have been starting to stream more now and more, I am really happy that I get back into Streaming once again I feels good to be back, It is just hard to find a game to play but, I just have to be myself and play what makes me happy and I enjoy what I play as I Get my Community coming back slowly in time!
  21. HYPE Emote is now on and Pending! Time for the Next Poll for the Second tier 1
  22. Hey All, I need my Community's help!!!!!!!!!! I hope that you guys can pick to day I Will do a poll on twitter as well!!!! I am gonna be switching out the Tier 1 EMOTES out but What Emotes do you wanna have added ? I uploaded pictures below!!!!
  23. Hey All, Last night i did my first stream of 2019! Since i got my computer built i thought it was time to do a test stream and see if i can stream, going what i seen it handle it well! So I gotta get in to Streaming since i haven't been able too in months. So i am gonna try to get back in to it!~ stay tune
  24. I brought an CGN Hoodie, It shows the Support that I do I am really happy to be a part of it, In the years I have been with CGN I have learned a few things. Since I have been here, I learned that Showing how much you Network with other People or other Networks Do help you grow and have the Support that can get as well. Even on Twitter by posting when you are going live on twitch ore mixer doing that Other people or members on CGN can see it as your Status Update Right in the post. With the years I Never know how to Network on twitter as I got better as I learned, I am now happy that I can make it easier for myself. I as still happy that I can be An CGN-Partner with CGN and help out our Members like: Follows Status Updates setting up there stream on to CGN streams tab. I still Wanna thank @zheck for letting me be a part of this Network I am happy to have him as a friend! I still going around and asking if anyone would like a host on twitter I love showing support! That's all for now! Thanks for reading!